L’Orange ft. Blu – “Need You”



Blu doesn’t stay in the mix like most rappers who claim that grind ethic, but he’s never not popping up. Here he is on “Need You,” a new song from North Carolina producer L’Orange, the man behind this gem. L’Orange cooks up something with a vintage sound and a jazzy feel, and it’s the perfect backdrop for Blu’s non-stop delivery. L’Orange’s project The Orchid Days is coming April 8.

  • Noper

    One of the best producers out right now. This beat is tough and the lyrics of course are too. Kinda wanna see a Freddie Gibbs/L’Orange colab.

  • Heard she get around like clockwork..
    My time tick, tick, tick, tickin’ all the time
    No stopping on a dime, hoe you outta your mind
    And I got mind on my money, time is money and I’m right on time
    Got a wallet big as Chris Wallace, why you watching mine?

    Shiiiit man once again the magnificent Blu.

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