5 Things We Learned From Mass Appeal’s “Off Tha Wall” Interview Series



Even if you’ve seen a million interviews with your favorite artists, Mass Appeal’s “Off Tha Wall” series ends up revealing some fascinating stuff through unconventional questions that get even the most interviewed artists to dive into topics they don’t normally discuss. We went through some of their videos and pulled some of the most interesting things we learned.

What we learned: Lil Wayne was once told to shut up by Stevie Wonder, after accidentally interrupting an impromptu performance by the Motown legend.

What we learned: Despite naming his label Star Trak and making the Vulcan hand sign his signature greeting, Pharrell Williams admits to not knowing much about the original Star Trek series.

What we learned: Redman got his emcee name from being struck in the face by a woman named Vicki by a snowball.

What we learned: Raekwon likens the mixture of styles within the Wu-Tang Clan to the characters in his favorite kung fu flick, Five Deadly Venoms.

What we learned: Too $hort loves nerd TV shows and will sit and watch them all day long.


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