20 Music Industry Jobs That You Can Apply For Right Now


We always talk about doing what we love, but taking that first step can be difficult. If you've got dreams of working in the music industry, now is an exciting time. It's scary, unpredictable, and difficult, but it's exciting. The industry is changing, old rules are flying out the window and floating into space, and the companies are scrambling to find creative thinkers to help lead the music business in a new direction. Are you one of those people? Start applying.

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  • Shraffi L├ęCamel

    boo at the big record companies, ticketmaster and live nation jobs but appreciate this in theory and there are def some cool ones in there.

  • http://blog.theopiumdiaries.com Basquiatcase

    I was hoping to see a Pigeons & Planes listing in there! Oh well *Kanye shrug*

  • booboobb

    just a fyi the bigger companies are legally obliged to post their job openings on sites like mediabistro, entertainment careers, etc. …a lot of the jobs are already filled by the time they post them. you are better off searching for peoples specific emails in departments or an HR email and email your resume directly. 1000’s of people apply on these big sites… good luck lol

  • 4D2D

    Finally a Denver job! Thanks for the heads up.

  • KWon

    cool idea…should do there more often but the NYC jobs are outdated and closed for apps

  • BFK

    How about an opening for baby faced killa?

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