11 Rappers Who Used to be Normcore


By Jules Muir

Unless you are part of the uber upper-echelon of cool, chances are you've only just (or never) heard of the latest fashion trend sweeping the hipster nation. It's called "normcore," essentially the fashion of trendy normalcy. Wearing mom jeans and turtlenecks is revered within the normcore community. These young hipsters are literally taking their grandpa's style, just like Macklemore warned in "Thrift Shop."

We should have seen it coming—for years people hipsters have sought out the blatantly uncool or obscure and made it "their own." It was only a matter of time before these Doc Marten-wearing 20-somethings shook down their parents for turtlenecks and New Balances instead of money to buy craft beer and Ray Bans.

One group who seems to be on the complete opposite side of the normcore spectrum is the rapper community. Expensive outfits, big chains, and lots of designer brands have been synonymous with rap for some time now. And as a rapper's fame grows, jewels only get brighter, chains get heavier, and outfits get even crazier.

This is the reason why we have taken it upon ourselves to rewind it back, way back. Back before the fame, back when outfits didn't cost 50k, back to when one chain, or even no chain was sufficient. Allow us to take you back to a humbling time, when rappers were a little bit more… normcore.

From Snoop Dogg to 2 Chainz, here are 11 rappers who used to be normcore.

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