10 Different People Who All Like Pharrell


Over 20 years into his career as a producer, singer, artist, businessman, and creator Pharrell Williams shows no signs of slowing down. He ruled 2013 with "Get Lucky," "Blurred Lines," and "Happy," and he's started the new year off by reminding everyone that he can still rap before crushing the game with the quick-fire release of G I R L. 

It's truly astonishing just how many different creative fields Pharrell has made his own, and it leads us to ask—is there anything Pharrell can't do? Is there any hat (sorry not sorry) he can't wear? Is there any type of person who doesn't like him?

We don't think so. Here are 10 different types of people who all like Pharrell.

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  • Pharrells Hat

    Check out what he’s hiding under that hat! WhatsUnderPharrellsHat.com

  • Jeff
  • Jeff

    We see you pnp

  • PigsAndPlans

    ?? am i missing something? i was waiting for a pigeon to drop in and shit on Leo or something.

  • JennyW

    no mention of n.e.r.d?

  • Jeff

    You guys in the comment section?

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