“He rhymes as weird as I feel”: Your Favorite Rappers on MF DOOM


By Brian Josephs

Almost by design, Madvillainy is the stuff critics and anti-commercial backpackers' dreams are made of. It's track after track, bar after bar, of witticisms, punchlines, and English language mastery waxed over some the dustiest, funkiest beats the darker corners of hip-hop nation has ever seen.

Even as tens of thousands of words seek to dissect its charm and dozens of repeats threaten to dull its appeal, Madlib and MF DOOM’s album always manages to inexplicably remain fresh. It's abstract, it's vivid, but at its core, it's a hip-hop album, and that's something many artists of the genre have taken note of. There have been artists paying homage to the blueprint and artists who try to expand on the new realms the duo effortlessly explored. Whatever their inspiration, rappers' viewpoints on hip-hop's most famous villain almost always come from a place of respect. For Madvillainy's 10th anniversary, here's what other artists have said about DOOM and his Madlib-produced masterpiece.

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