Rick Rubin Loves to Meditate and is Really Proud of Kanye West


Image via Billboard

Image via Billboard

Just this past week, Rick Rubin was awarded a Lifetime of Harmony Award from the David Lynch Foundation through its new performance arts events division. Rolling Stone were there when he received the award, and it seems it was appropriately Lynchian. They also sat down with Rubin to talk about the importance of transcendental meditation, which is what the David Lynch Foundation focuses on. When asked if he brings TM (Transcendental Meditation) to any of the artists he’s worked with, he had a lot to say.

I’ve bought TM for artists and I’ve made albums where we would meditate before each session. When we made Californication, we meditated before each session. At least two [of the Red Hot Chili Peppers] every time, sometimes three, rarely four. Tom Petty, when we made Wildflowers, we often meditated before we started each session. There’s a great deal of bullshit that people think about when they make music, things that don’t matter. TM kind of wipes that away…

He also briefly spoke about Yeezus, saying “I love how bold it was of Kanye to make such an un-hip-hop album. It’s really radical, and I’m really proud of him.”

Check out the full interview with Rolling Stone here.


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