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Last night I watched Sam Smith perform at Webster Hall in New York City. So far this year, I’ve seen mostly rappers, rock bands, and pop acts, and the difference between them and Sam Smith was striking from the start. Sam Smith is a vocalist. He performs with a live band who plays cleanly and well, but there’s never a moment when that voice of his isn’t the focal point. And it’s not a studio trick—Sam can sing extremely well.

“Stay With Me” has the sing-along chorus kind of like Tom Petty’s “Won’t Back Down,” except done by a British man with a piano and a gospel choir. It’s not the edgiest thing out right now, but there’s a classic feeling to it that gives Sam Smith the chance to not only appeal to those on the bleeding edge of cool music, but fans of, say, Adele.

Sam performs on Saturday Night Live this weekend, on March 29, so get ready for your mom to start asking you who this Sam Smith character is. With his debut album The Lonely Hour coming out on June 17 in the U.S., he’s set to get a whole lot more popular among an entirely new audience.

Hear “Stay With Me” below, and read our interview with Sam Smith here.

  • The Unkwn


  • Ballroomized .

    “Kind of Like” Tom Petty’s Won’t Back Down? It is Tom Petty’s Won’t Back Down. Sam Smith has taken credit for writing a Tom Petty song. Turning a classic rock song into a slow and boring ballad does not mean you wrote it. OMG! I always sing the Won’t Back Down lyrics when this rip off comes on!

  • dude

    I agree!

  • mrc77

    Yes, this is a Tom Petty song, and I sing “I’ll stand my ground, and I won’t back down” when it is on the radio. Ha! It’s still a good song, but I can’t help singing the Tom Petty lyrics instead.

  • pettylarceny

    Hmm…didn’t George Harrison actually get sued for “My Sweet Lord” sounding like some 1960s tune? I wonder if Tom Petty will consider Sam Smith’s song in that same light…

  • Cameron Church

    if you look at the sheet music, His melody has the same progressions and sets as Tom Petty’s song Won’t Back Down. Its a total 100% rip off. You can even start the two songs together, set them to be at the exact same tempo and even tho they have different notes on some areas it follows along they are exact.

    He is a no talent ass clown that ripped off a classic and turning it into garbage. Way to go Smith.

  • d$

    Tom Petty copy cat yes! Glad im not the only one who thinks way.

  • Micheal kennedy

    ““Stay With Me” has the sing-along chorus kind of like Tom Petty’s “Won’t Back Down,” except done by a British man with a piano and a gospel choir”
    so this is how plagiarism is described nowadays, matter of factly ?
    he has also lifted other tom petty songs.
    this makes that late 80’s milli vanilli controversy look pretty tame by comparison

  • Tony Wallace

    Sam Smith should stick to ripping off Neil Sedaka

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