25 Music Festivals You Should Go to Before You Die


By Jules Muir

There’s nothing in the world like a music festival. Seeing your favorite musicians surrounded by thousands of other fans makes for an environment that can’t be replicated anywhere else—it’s euphoric. As fans, we save up our money, we wait all year, and when the day, weekend, or week comes: we go all out. Painted faces, painted cars, crazy outfits, and crazier shenanigans.

For some people, festivals are the closest thing a utopia. A place where people can go and leave the world behind them, to have fun, to relax, and to enjoy some really good live music. Not to sound t0 gung-ho about this, but festivals really have the power to change your life for a few days. It’s not like listening to music on your iPod, it’s not like going to a concert one night or hearing a song played at a club. It’s an escape, where you get up and listen to the music, and go to bed with the sounds of the last set still ringing in your ears.

Over the next few months and on into the summer, there will be hundreds of music festivals taking place. With all the posters, YouTube ads, and hype, it can be a little overwhelming (especially when Outkast seems to be playing every single festival ever). To cut through the confusion we picked 25 fantastic festivals that you should go to—if not this year, at least once in your life.

Note: The festivals are arranged in chronological order.

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