The Catchiest Indie Songs in Current Rotation


By Confusion & Constant Gardner

Traditionally, indie music has been celebrated for reasons other than pure catchiness. Sure, there have always been catchy indie songs, and that's always a draw for some people, but there's also a stigma attached with huge hooks and songs so immediate that you're singing along by the end of the first chorus. Lately, though, it seems like indie pop is having something of a moment. Embracing massive hooks and addictive melodies, indie artists (whether "indie" in relation to their style or label situation) are figuring out how to use production, style, and delivery to make even the most instantly gratifying songs interesting enough to maintain indie credibility and staying power.

We're not complaining. Here are some of the catchiest indie songs in current rotation.

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  • Nathan

    A lot of these aren’t what I would call conventionally “catchy”. But, to each his own! Personally, I find MVSCLES “Sweet n Sour” to be one of the catchiest damn songs I’ve heard in forever. Anything by Miniature Tigers gets caught in my head for days. I also spent the better part of two weeks with “Red the Homeless Beatboxer’s” songs “This is All I Love” and “I Should Tell Your Momma On You” firmly planted in my brain.

  • DarkAssKnight

    how is “Real” x Years & Years not on here?

  • $pruce Yee

    Man GTFO here with that uzi nigga, Bones been doing that shit! and he do it better too, TELL THAT FUCKBOY UZI STOP BITING NIGGA.

  • Kay Kay

    this is like my own PNP pandora radio

  • crisp

    JUST because you mentioned Little Tigers, I will be giving everything you listed a listen

  • Confusion

    Yeah “Sweet n Sour” is awesome. And yeah, we use the term “catchy” loosely to mean any song that gets stuck in our heads. Basically, just an excuse to post a bunch of songs that we really like right now haha. Gotta check out the others you mentioned.

  • Vfor Vibes

    this song should be on here, love this list!!!!

  • David Sale
  • leboeuf

    lillith fair for hipster babes. such a feminine list…

  • John

    Sorry, but this ^^ is a cheap yung lean rip off and uzi doesn’t sound anything like this. I’m not a uzi fan anyway tho

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