The Most Hilariously Bad Music Fan Tattoos


By Jules Muir

As many people know, us music fans are quite a special breed. We tend to be a little obsessive when it comes to our music. Over the years many fans have shown their devotion by going to crazy lengths to get closer to their idols. Sometimes fans can go a little too far; bum rushing the stage, uncontrollably screaming, impersonating, and in this case, tattoos. Yes, for some time now fans have been getting tattoos so as to always have their favorite musicians around wherever they are. The ink ranges from portraits of the greats, to tributes to passed artists, to really absolutely anything a fan can think of.

Sometimes it can be a beautiful thing. A well done tattoo of a favorite artist can signify something very important in one's life. However, more often than not the decision to ink your favorite musician on your body is not a good one. Because tattoos are like diamonds people, they're forever—like, forever ever (unless you pay thousands for really really painful laser surgeries).

I get it, though. Sometimes it's spur of the moment. You think you just discovered the meaning of life through "Stairway to Heaven" and you run down, hand the dude two 20's, and get a sketchy Robert Plant immortalized on your right calf. It happens, but most of the time, it really shouldn't. Because of this, we took it upon ourselves to compile a nice collection of Music's Worst Fan Tattoos.

We hope that you save your money, avoid making the same stupid mistake, and most importantly, have a good laugh at those who weren't so lucky. Enjoy.

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  • LW

    April 20th, cuz. April.

  • bridgetthetiger

    There wasn’t any mention of the “he touched so many” under the MJ tat…u guys missed out on a great opportunity to make a joke lol

  • Constant Gardner

    Lol must have been high when I was editing.

  • Constant Gardner

    Was too obvious.. and maybe a bit too much of a.. err.. touchy subject for some people.

  • Jerms

    pretty sure 4 is photoshopped… he has no bellybutton

  • jchoi910

    Nicki Minaj tattoo is actually on rapper Bizarre from D12..just thought I’d mention

  • Coffeeblvck

    Freddie Mercury looks like Fire Marshall Bill.

  • Shawn

    sure it does. it kinda looks like a tracheotomy!!

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