12 Great Artists With Under 1000 Soundcloud Followers


By Confusion & Constant Gardner

Soundcloud is a great leveler in the music industry. Anyone, anywhere, with nothing more than an internet connection can share their music with the world in an easily digestible, easily playable format. Plus, thanks to Soundcloud's "Recommended" function, it's easy to stumble from a song you know onto a totally different artist, with few plays and even fewer followers.

In celebration of the up-and-comers and the future stars, we put together a list of 12 great artists with under 1000 Soundcloud followers. It won't stay that way for long though, we're sure of it.

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  • Carlos Martinez

    It really sucks that you guys always forget about Jhevere


  • Its Real

    Man, I think its really dope that you guys share stuff like this. This is what all these indy rap artist do it for. In hopes to get on posts like this.

  • Shintek
  • MysPhit

    Better Add MysPhit to dat list

  • Danny

    Awesome… more posts like this please!

  • Mike Andrews

    I see now why Lil Silk only has 628 followers.

  • MFH

    Vulkan the Krusader….

  • swingem

    how can you not smile when lil silk makes all those interesting sounds with his voice?

  • CookieFresh

    Gotta check out anthony bartosik. Hes my main dude n got BARZ for days

  • do it again. with under 100 followers.

  • Michael Goodday


  • Ollie Keene
  • pigeon


  • http://roblenfestey.com Rob Lenfestey

    What a great way to support new artists! Thanks guys =) This is my album, please listen you get a chance!


  • YBH

    please. im too talented for my soundcloud to be this dry. in my humble, biased opinion of course https://soundcloud.com/kyle-henley

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