15 Indie Rockers Who Would Probably Make Great Rappers


Between indie rock and hip-hop, only a handful of collaborations or crossovers have sprung up over the years that you could point to as important moments in music. However, there has always been a mutual respect between artists of the respective genres, and the influence they have on each other grows year by year. We saw examples of this trend when Kendrick sampled Beach House’s “Silver Soul” on “Money Trees,” when ScHoolboy Q expressed his affinity for Chromatics, when Jay-Z gave a nod to Grizzly Bear, and when Danny Brown teamed up with Purity Ring on “25 Bucks.”

But recently, this idea of crossover came to a head when a video of Future Islands lead singer Samuel T. Herring surfaced on YouTube, showing him rapping under the moniker Hemlock Ernst. It sounds ridiculous, a white indie rocker from North Carolina trying his hand at hip-hop, but surprisingly, Herring actually knew what he was doing. Compared to rappers, rockers in 2014 are boring, but the moment was a rare triumph between the genres as Herring stepped from one form to the next with success.

It got us thinking: are there other musicians who could potentially do the same? Looking back at artists new and old, here are our top choices for the indie rockers who would be dangerous on the mic, along with the name they'd rap under and the title of their debut album.

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  • Jesus H. Christ

    The King Of Kings…


  • Devin Middleton

    *dead* at the Fiona Apple one LOL

  • http://8tracks.com/byeproxy Jetsfoo

    I feel like Lykke Li could spit some real bars if it came down to it

  • Ak

    Always Duane Str. Representative


  • mia culpa.

    frank black once told open mike eagle he’d rap with him via twitter.

  • Michael Strait

    no Mark Kozelek?

  • n

    bon iver already has a rap project called jason feathers n its terrible

  • LowryOutToTheQuarry

    Craig Finn. He’s on a P.O.S. song. He basically talks instead of sings most of the time anyways. Duh. Duh guys. Duh.

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