420 Wisdom: Weed Quotes From Your Favorite Musicians


In August of 1964, Bob Dylan reportedly introduced The Beatles to marijuana. Before the decade ended, The Beatles would go on to make Help!, Rubber Soul, Revolver, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, The White Album, and Abbey Road. Just saying.

Weed and music have always gone together, so this 4/20 we take a look at some stoner wisdom in the form of quotes from pro-marijuana musicians.

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  • Bret Hart

    The Rise Of A King….


  • Eternalist

    Drake’s quote confirms him as a total cornball

  • Jobi

    You’re being pretty dishonest right now. When he said “i hope the cool jewish kids accept me” he was like 15 and the “catch a body like that” line was written ten years later. People grow in ten years. Everybody has been a teenager, saying and wanting stupid stuff. Stop hating on Drake, that’s getting old, and i’m not even a fan of his.

  • Eternalist

    You’re not a fan of his?
    But “hating on Drake” is getting old?
    So clearly you’ve been following him…
    Wipe your eyes, go play some Take Care, reminisce on your ex’s, and smoke a blunt, bro.

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