A Guide to Coachella 2014 Weekend Two, By Someone Who Went to Weekend One


By Jules Muir

Coachella 2014 Weekend One is over. The celebrities have been spotted, the surprises have happened, and the sets have been broadcasted for all to see. The thing is, you have a Weekend Two wristband. You've been trying—unsuccessfully—to close your eyes and ears to the coverage of Weekend One, and have been kicking yourself at every little slip of Weekend One glory you catch. Beyonce came out at Solange?!?! Drake at Jhene Aiko?? Whatt?!?! Despite missing out on the hype of the first week you still have your ticket to an amazing festival and have a chance to see so many incredible artists.

Plus it's Weekend Two, where all the problems of Weekend One get fixed, all the sets fine tuned, and when all the performances usually get better. Coachella sells out both weekends for good reason, they're both great. We’ve been to both weekends and this year’s Weekend One so we thought we’d make you a guide for Weekend Two. We’ll tell you the best places to eat, the sets you won't want to miss, and places you should avoid at all costs. Have fun guys.

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  • Ross

    Feel kind of sorry for the guys who have forked out many thousands of dollars to bring their spicy pizza stall to Coachella only for one of the most read music blogs in the world to specifically tell people not to go :(

  • Ross

    (I don’t run the spicy pizza stall)

  • Dagoat Man

    I find anonymous-red-bandana-guy’s couple to be clearly basic as fuck, who would want to hang out with them? Nothing really really awesome happening there, i can tell you that

  • Brent Burpee

    This article is INSANE. Spicy Pie is a Coachella staple – and no regular Coachella attendee would ever swear against it. I think I’ve had Spicy Pie every single day I’ve been at Coachella in three visits. And no, I don’t work for them. Crazy.

  • Steph Curry’s Jump Shot

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