A History of Hype: The Most Popular Songs on Hype Machine, Every Month Since its Start


The Hype Machine was created by sophomore computer science major Anthony Vlodkin in 2005 who wanted to have all the MP3s that various blogs were posting in one place. The site was launched almost by mistake, as Lukas Gonze of Webjay, who Vlodkin sent the site to for advice and critique, posted the link online.

Currently, Hype Machine aggregates the posts of "805 hand picked blogs," (including P&P) and gives users the chance to "love" songs. Dating back to 2007, data on the most "loved" songs of each month and year is available to view, and provides an interesting time capsule of what was popular with online music lovers for the past five years.

You must remember, however, that only Hype Machine account holders can "love" songs, and there has been an emergence of Hype Machine culture that favors remixes and mash-ups, sometimes even over the original songs. Take a look back at the past five year's hype cycle at the most popular songs in Hype Machine's history.

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