11 Atlanta Producers Who Are Killing it Right Now


Atlanta is a hotspot for hip-hop, and that's nothing new, but there's a wave of fresh talent coming out of the ATL right now that's defined by production just as much as the rapping. Breakout stars often get all the credit, but coming up with artists like Young Thug, Migos, Future, Rich Homie Quan, Rome Fortune, and PeeWee Longway is a crop of prolific producers who play a big role in Atlanta's evolving sound. Here are 11 producers in Atlanta who are killing it right now.

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  • Khoko

    With the exceptions of Mike Will and DJ Spinz. I have never heard of any of these people. I’m not sure you can be ‘killing it’ and everyone not know your name.

  • D.A.

    Well….. See….. Whether you know them or not is irrelevant. I’m assuming you buy the music of the artists they work with so…….

  • luk

    sonny digital??????????????

  • RBS

    This seems pretty obvious, but have you considered the fact that maybe you’re just not that hip to what’s going on? And they’re producers not artists, so “killing it” would obviously be based on the artists they’ve worked with & songs they’ve created rather than “everyone” knowing their names.

  • joe


  • Confusion

    Zaytoven has been killing it forever! We tried to focus more on up-and-comers or people who are having a moment right now, like Mike Will. This list is mostly to highlight the new wave, but yeah, Zaytoven stays killing it.

    Oh yeah, and he’s in Cali now, I think.

  • Quavo


  • Wow

    WLPWR aka SUPAHOTBEATS ?!!? Unreal

  • realspit


  • sassygurl

    ok my big bro C-NOTE doing his damn thang benton harbor stand up luv u big baby!!!!!!

  • Quavo

    They are all fucking awesome but i just love TM88 and Metro!

  • Quavo

    Retard, Metro been producing stuff for Future, London on da track for waka, wiz khalifa etc, Childish Major for Rocko, he produced UOENO, Dun Deal produced so many Migos hits lol

  • Moses


  • Wyse

    Gwen Bunn’s solo music is astounding. Y’all check her out.

  • http://twitter.com/byrdfilms 6yrd

    This list is inaccurate. All these producers are WORKING, but I wouldn’t say all are killing the game. There are a few producers you left off this list, Zaytoven, SD, etc. who actually are killing the game RIGHT NOW. Are we counting hits or mixtapes? Radio spins or internet buzz? Politics or nah?? Should’ve made a bigger list.

  • Tunde

    The title of the article doesn’t read “Best 11 producers in Atlanta right now.” It does what it was meant to do, which is bring light to 11 musicians doing their thing.

  • Unimportant

    I won’t Stop Posting Awesome Music..


  • Joshf

    Lol you include DJ Spinz on this list but not Sonny Digital ? Lmao also some of these guys aren’t producers they are beat makers. There is a difference. ….dj spinz hahaha

  • guru

    its too bad all this shit is trash though… bangers can only do so much when the people laying verses are clowns

  • Macias
  • Islandgirl

    Look out for an Artist from N.O lives in Texas BigShott

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