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Image via The Harpoons on Facebook / Elliott Lauren

The Harpoons - "Unforgettable"

Guided by Bec Rigby's vocals, "Unforgettable" is one of those rare pop jams that doesn't ignore the bareness of its own minimal melody, while also refusing to wallow in it. Instead, it's a light, airy track with just the perfect amount of heartache and soul, as Rigby croons, "Never gonna give you up/so don't you ever let me down/hope you care about what we got/cause it means the world to me." However, just as she finishes spilling her heart out to us, a beat courtesy of rhythmic claps start, and life is breathed into an otherwise maudlin scene. And thank god for that. Too often, contemporary R&B artists choose to bury themselves in their sound, stifling themselves with their own moodiness. The Harpoons resist the self-pity, reminding us that everything which falls down must eventually get back up.—Gus Turner


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