DP – “Jabar”



DP is 20 years old and from Virginia Beach, and with his Designer Casket mixtape coming this summer, he lets go of “Jabar.” Gritty, bass-heavy production from Brooklyn Taylor sets the tone for DP, moving like “Tried By 12″ laced with venomous raps reminiscent of vintage Clipse. If this is any indication of things to come, Designer Casket will be a big one for DP.

  • Bret Hart

    The Sharpshooter..


  • http://www.sunnygabe.com GabeNiles YDS Sunny&Gabe


  • Kam

    Haha Brooklyn made this beat? I knew that guy in english class.

    The author seems to have a penchant for VA talent. Or am I reading too into it?

  • Rafael

    Dope track. And the “Tried By 12″ comparison is spot-on!

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