Even For the Internet, This Video is Strangely Confusing, Entertaining, and Absurd


Nothing is surprising anymore. We grew up on the internet with unlimited access to weird porn and gory violence and ignorant absurdity and now we are immune to everything the world has to offer. Who knows what impact this will have on humanity (probably just makes us masturbate more and think weirder internet-y thoughts), but in music it has really pushed things to new levels of ridiculousness.

We are living in a post-Spooky Black world. We’ve got a pasty white kid in Minnesota with the voice of an angel, making awkward YouTube videos of himself in du-rags and FUBU, and we’re sitting around LOLing at in online.

And there’s the one person in the conversation like, “But the song is actually FIRE I’m not even kidding! Spooky Black is actually really talented!”

And then there’s another person like, “Dude, this is a joke, right?”

And then there’s the fucker who’s like, “Would you even be listening if it wasn’t for this corny, ironic video though?”

Then another fucker: “You guys, FUBU? Spooky Black? This is racist.”


Sitting on a mustard-colored couch in a middle class living room, there is a dad with a cell phone in his face, reacting to a YouTube video of Spooky Black so his son can Vine it.

Then thousands of people respond with racially charged hate via the comments section to a Vine of a dad reacting to a YouTube video of Spooky Black.

Somewhere, in a dark bedroom in middle America, a young boy masturbates to weird German porn.

This is the world we live in, and it’s completely normal.

And I’m alright with it. Nothing is absurd anymore, nothing is confusing, everything makes sense because whatever, it’s the internet.

But somehow, this “Serious Thugs” video still has me unsure about what’s happening. Like, I like it. The pop sensibility is present. The producer, DJ Warlord, is talented. The visuals are awesome in that documentary-style, entering-a-new-world kind of way. But… the segway. The guy on the segway, then the guy with the face tats, and the girl with the albino snake. The fashion! The soda! What soda even IS that? It’s like J-pop meets British gangsta rap meets experimental dance music, and I honestly don’t know if it’s next-level irony or if these guys are just way ahead of the curve. Am I officially old and out of the loop? Is there some weird new porn shit going on that I don’t know about? Have I been spending too much time offline?

Nothing is absurd anymore, but this video has my brain in knots. I’m gonna go Google human death and German porn because this “Serious Thugs” shit is blowing my fucking mind.

  • JC

    If you go to any urban British area and observe British Chav culture, this isn’t all that weird. Chavs are the worst.

  • Confusion

    So there is no humor in the guy wearing all white with black gloves and a black bandana around his face riding a segway? To a song called “Ur Not A Baller”? I feel like there HAS to be just a hint of humor or irony in there somewhere, no? This exists off the internet?

  • Rick

    guarantee hipster fashion will be adopting the Chav aesthetic of the late 90s/early 2000s in the very near future. Watch this space.

  • Lucas Ross

    Albinos scare me. Don’t judge me, I CAN’T CONTROL MY FEARS.

  • http://www.google.com krossoverking

    Yo, why is dude the spitting image of my nigga Elmer Sglue from powerpuff girls.

  • Louis

    Rubicon soda – passionfruit flavour. That’s some tasty soda.

  • thoroughbred hipster

    its already happening don’t u worry ;)

  • gk

    probs some irony here.
    you can kinda ground it with things that already exist like this video has some young lean esque imagery in it combined with the aforementioned chav aesthetic.
    the most solid common thread with this video and other recent hipstery rap videos is the whole piggybacking off a legitimate subculture/aesthetic to gain weirdness and authenticity points.
    i only say that because you can recognize some of the characters in this video from other shit like the blonde girl is from vice and eddie huang’s fresh off the boat series. the brown guy with the beard is a model.
    idk why i feel so cynical about weirdo internet rap videos but i just do especially when theyr this polished and coming from vfiles.
    i feel like i’m being duped or something.
    something seems contrived.
    or i’ve been trained to think there’s something contrived.
    and as far as the music is concerned the instrumental reminds me a lot of chicago bop music so theres that too..
    also what if everyone wasn’t ugly in the video? i feel like itd be way less interesting. is that just me tho? i think ugly faces lend some kind of authenticity so maybe thats a thing.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/PancakeMcKennz pancakemckennz

    VFILES makes fun of hipster culture in a subtle manner sometimes. Just watch their “What the Fashion” videos with Casey Jane Ellison and you’ll see that this is kinda par for the course with them. This song bumps though.

  • http://www.pigeonsandplanes.com/ Constant Gardner

    Yeah shout out to Rubicon – the mango flavour is some next level thing.

  • http://www.pigeonsandplanes.com/ Constant Gardner

    It’s definitely natural, living in this internet age, to become jaded and have your default reaction be to assume that whatever your watching or listening to is a joke, or a trick or whatever. And it makes sense, cos so much of what is on the internet isn’t authentic.

    Often, we see a cool new video or hear an exciting new sound and think it’s some kids in their bedrooms really creating something honest and new, and then it turns out that it was part of a big label marketing plan or the whole thing was actually a joke. The more often that happens, the more my default position (like yours) is to not trust anything, to assume that someone is trying to trick me.

    And that is a damn shame—it’s sad we can’t approach things with the assumption that they are underpinned by honesty.

    To me this video is full of irony and is making fun of, or at least using, chav imagery to stand out and be different and make people go “ROFLWOW what is this?!?!?!” (and they’ve succeeded in that). Which is all well and good, but it’s just another example of taking the style or culture of the “other” and displaying it as something alien for us to all gawk at.

    But yeah, the internet, so wonderful and so terrible and so difficult to wrap one’s head round sometime.

  • http://www.waxade.com WAXADE!

    it’s like a british version of krispy kreme

  • SenseiC

    Rubicon is a very common and popular drink here in England. Mango is most people’s favourite

  • SenseiC

    My favourite detail was the drawn on Nike ticks. These guys have definitely some sense of irony about them (I think)

  • please?

    a bunch of hipster middle class twats ripping the working class. FAKE.AS.FUCK.

  • please?

    nothing but shameful middle class hipsters making a mockery of the working class. YOU. ARE. FAKE….almost as bad as miley cyrus and her ‘twerking’

  • again

    what the hell are you talking about?? ‘this isnt all that weird’…how would someone from an ‘urban’ area afford a car like the one in this video? let alone the expensive fresh gear they’re all wearing?? the working class are slammed way too much, life is tough when you’re born into poverty. the people in this video wish they were working class because this whole ‘chav image’ has somehow come into fashion….thus making them hipsters. grose.

  • missing person..

    its funny i keep writing a valid opinion on this article of how fake these people potentially are but my comments keep getting removed…hmmm sounds all set up and even more fake to me! nice bit or PR going on here or is the person who wrote this article friends with these guys…. ;) nice one.

  • gk

    totally true it is a damn shame.

    the assumption that the music is being commercialized or that it’s being exploited and that i’m being exploited is a weird one to make tho.

    it’s like am i really just listening to the music? why can’t i divorce the music from the context?

    this shit that ayesha siddiqui wrote addresses this really well: http://pushinghoopswithsticks.com/post/36709193765/music-critics-plaintive-whine-aka-a-conversation-im

    so basicallly irony laden trend hopping inauthentic trying to be authentic hipster art = exploitation/manipulation/i’m being marketed to = this art is no longer some inaccessible shit that i found but in fact i was MEANT to find it = the music itself loses value

    that was a confusing way of me saying i’m crazy and i wish i could things for what they are but i cant.

    with this video, because i distrust its authenticity i then distrust its motives and then i like the music less…

    idk if make any sense

  • gk

    “i wish i could APPRECIATE** things for what they are…”

  • http://www.pigeonsandplanes.com/ Constant Gardner

    definitely no one deleting your comments! I checked our back end to make sure they hadn’t been somehow marked as spam and made invisible. What browser are you using? WE <3 YOU we want everyone to comment whatever they think

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