17 Lax Bros Who Are Mad at Jay Z



Back in February, Drake told Rolling Stone in an interview, “It’s like Hov can’t drop bars these days without at least four art references! I would love to collect at some point, but I think the rap/art world thing is getting kind of corny.” Shortly after, Jay Z responded with a diss of his own in his “We Made It” remix. Then Drake responded again, then Jay Z, then Drake, then Jay Z, then probably Papoose, then Drake again, all culminating in this latest Jay line on DJ Khaled’s “They Don’t Love You No More.” It goes:

Fuck a NCAA n***a, let a young n***a get paid, n***a
N***as talking down on the crown
Watch them n***as you ’round got you wrong
Haters wanna ball, let me tighten up my draw string
Wrong sport, boy, you know you’re as soft as a lacrosse team

Jay Z doesn’t name any names, but most listeners agree that this is a jab back at Drake, who is a Raptors fan from Canada (where the official national summer sport is lacrosse). Suddenly, the beef isn’t just limited to Jay and Drake. No, with these words Jay Z offended a whole community: lax bros.

Here are 17 lax bros who are pissed at Jay Z.

  • Support P.eZ

    Lol good move Jay. Piss everybody off. Lol I love it

    “Spring Flings: The Ep, an account based & themed around my everyday dealings with women in it’s own unique way. Vivid storytelling, dope beats, lyricism & songwriting. 5 tracks being released the 5th day of the 5th month at the 5th hour. You can check the lead singles Hey Irene & Next To You. I hope you all enjoy.”


  • mking

    Suddenly, ‘Light Up’ by Drake and Jay-Z has no meaning to it.

  • Leo

    Jay just take L & retire …embarrassing. Drake respects him but if Jay really crosses the line Drake will give his medicine.

  • PJ

    It’s so funny that these lacrosse dudes now think they have a platform to talk at Jay. Jay Z does not care if he offends lacrosse players because they don’t listen to him anyway. And number 2, every album he has made has gone platinum, how you 18 year old lacrosse boys gonna tell him to retire. GTFO

  • G14

    Butthurt tough guys

  • Ayoolu Elizabeth Adeogun

    I think they took it way too personally…

  • ColeStar

    Obviously there will be loads of lacrosse players who listen to JAY Z. Don’t know why you would think otherwise.

  • Perger Bence

    okay now u gon suck and dickride hov cause he went 2 times platinum. jsut because a lotta ppl love his music it does not mean that he’s good. it’s fckin relative. anyway. dunno why i wastin time on this both drake and hov are overrated as fuck.

  • RelaxBro

    Case in point, they soft. Not even a worthy comeback from any of these tweets.

  • Koko

    not a smart line, but its word play

  • 4D2D

    lacrosse players are the worst type of people, got a good chuckle out of that line,

  • Chris

    I’m not big on current Jay, but Drake isn’t serving anybody shit. I like Drake for what he is, but he’s not one for beef.

  • abuamiri

    Drake giving someone their medicine? You can’t be serious. What’s he going to do, serenade Hov to death?

  • http://leightonmcdonald.com Leighton McDonald

    Fam how does having hospital bills make you tough? that’s like the total opposite

  • http://twitter.com/#!/PancakeMcKennz pancakemckennz

    No but really though, lacrosse games can get super physical. Whether or not Jay-Z cares about these players (obviously he doesn’t), if I played the game I would feel kinda slighted by that line too. I’d go vent on my Twitter and be done with it. Yall saying they butthurt and took it too personal, it’s not like they said they boycott him or anything. They’re just expressing their disdain for a line that kinda undermines a thing they’re passionate about.

  • tcrazii

    lacrosse not even that hardcore to say he wouldnt last 3 seconds lml nigguhs hyping they sport lml

  • jen

    Right Drake never had street cred he’s an actor from Canada, just make music, serenade like Keith Sweat, make money, and take several seats. He is not a 2pac or Biggie guns get to busting trust me he’ll go running. Plus on tracks he can’t get to deep because Jay will embarrass him.

  • jjane

    how can Drake say raps getting corny when he’s the king of corny, sing and ish on love songs.

  • Dagoat Man

    Maybe he was talking about women’s lacrosse? Because there’s basically no physical contact allowed. Otherwise, i’ve played men’s lacrosse, and that sport is straight up actually dangerous tbh

  • EncoreBrandLacrosse
  • EncoreBrandLacrosse
  • EncoreBrandLacrosse

    Drake is soft NOT Lacrosse

  • squatty

    people still listen to jz?

  • Lauren27

    I don’t think he is suggesting that LAX is not a tough sport or that its players are lacking physical strength. I do think LAX bros are “soft” in a different sense. The sport originated and is financially sustained in predominately white, sheltered, wealthy communities. I’m from a very modest town in Connecticut and have spent the last seven years in Boston amidst BC and BU LAX boys. I lived next to a house of them. In my experience, any LAX “Brah” I’ve ever met has been a fucking pussy -ass, fronting, fake douchebag of a poser boy who has the audacity to complain about his first world life and by no fault other than his upbringing doesn’t have a fleeting consideration of what it feels like to struggle. Of course this is a generalization but Im surprised at people who act surprised at the accusations of a stereotype that is so obviously and fiercely perpetuated by it’s own constituents (as with most other stereotypes that exist).

  • Lauren

    They do listen to him. They drive around the quiet neighborhoods of suburbia feeling “tough” as they blast Jay Z in the cars that their mommies and daddies bought for them.

  • Donald Rolle

    fuck “LAX” hahaha

  • Jetblaksuit

    You can’t just go making reasonable statements that make sense! This is the internet!

  • Lala

    Can we please all admit right fucking now that by “soft” he also means “white”?!

  • Hassan Basquiat Walker

    Lol, it’s dickriding because they stated a fact? Never said it was good or bad. Hater.

  • Wale’s Hat

    Guys guys GUYS – can we at least agree that the guy that wears me is softer than Drake???

  • pupusa

    you are one irrelevant-ass hater. we’re talking about drake and jay-z. here, have a seat

  • Wale’s Hat

    I’m not a hater, I’m a hat

  • MLR

    Who cares about lacrosse anyways though

  • mrfranchiise

    17 lax bros sounds pretty much like the verse Jay Z said. #ONREPEAT lol!!

  • EH

    The funniest part of this whole “lacrosse player” discussion is that lacrosse is non-longer a white collar sport. It is, however, the fastest growing sport in America and it’s not because it’s soft. It’s because it has enough contact to remain exciting, but it’s not going to give you dementia at 50 like football.

    All things aside, the poor metaphor choice was an attempted gab at Drake’s nationalism because it is Canada’s national sport.

  • disqus_PFEd4PyQO9

    If that’s the best diss Jay Z can do, then he can sit back down. Millenials haven’t listened to a new Jay Z album since that Rihanna song he had. Kanye and Drake have gotten all the sales. He just does business.

  • Michael Bradley

    Ive watched my 17 yr old bro play lacrosse for almost 4 months now, while I wouldnt say its the toughest sport, it definitely has some intense contact moments. It can either be a good clean game or a batter-fest. It can be hot or cold in an instant but I do think the jab at Drake was a little weak. Both of them rely on the word ‘nigga’ as a filler in their raps which to me is weak as shit. This beef went from exciting to dull pretty quickly. I mean, Jay has pretty much touched on just about every topic you can imagine. Rapping about art isnt an exception. Yes, he does make plenty of art references, but that doesnt make it corny, does it? He can ACTUALLY rap about it. Drake cannot. His jab at Jay was irrelevant and childish imo. On the other hand, Drake is the most relevant pop/R&B artist of our generation. Hes confined himself to the topic of women and relationships and has dominated in that regard. However, I find it odd he’d insult the man who warned him about people who’d attempt to start bs rap beefs to begin with.

    From Drake’s “Thank Me Later” album:

    Jay: Drake, here’s how they gon come at you, with silly rap feuds trying to distract you, in disguise of the form of a favor…

    Why Drake would attack a sensei is beyond me. Jay has immortalized himself as a flexible artist and accomplished connoisseur. He has more than a dozen platinum albums and brought artists like Kanye and Lupe into the fold. He comes from Marcy projects in BK and married one of the most beautiful women in the industry. With that said, his glimmer had faded somewhat before this beef. I feel he attacked Drake on the lacrosse thing to see where Drake is not as an artist, but as an individual. If he loses his cool it’d show he cant handle the competitive state of hip-hop. Just as he did with Kendrick.

    Drake has crushed every artist in the radio play department. Women swoon over him. He has countless features, a background in acting, and despite being a foreigner, has gained the adoration of a lot of North Americans, where most of his fans are derived from. He’s proven he can stay on a single topic for 5 years and still produce entertaining material. However, one must consider that hip-hop is a category that differs from its closely related R&B counterpart. The number of sales/views/etc from tracks where he only sings shouldn’t be labelled as hip-hop, therefore lessening the impact on Hip-hop where R&B is more so the genre singing falls under. From what Ive gathered, his childhood wasnt as difficult as Jay’s, yet still consisted of a fair share of trials and tribulations. He was given an opportunity to acquire fam, wealth, and fans via Degrassi, though no one should consider the prospect of acting as a weakness.

    I respect them both and hope this beef can provide some entertaining material. The Old King and the Young Knight. I cant say there are two artists Id want to see beefing in their stead. I want to see if Drake can prove he is truly Hip-Hop as much as I want to see S-Dot battle to maintain the throne and the relevance he’s worked so hard to acquire. Either way, this sh*ts gonna be dope af.

  • Michael Bradley

    This entire post is riddled with stupid and bias. Lacrosse may have been invented by sheltered white people, but its enjoyed by many races and financial classes. Who gives a shit where it originated?

  • prince_silence

    Fuck lacrosse, fuck drake punk ass, BROOKLYN stand up. We behind jay..

  • Carolinaz Finest

    Listen to reality music
    10 year 101st Airborne Veteran.

  • Perger Bence

    well, he/she actually associated copy sales with talent and respect. why should we respect someone who went 2 times platinum. as i said it’s relative. for instance, mos def is one of the biggest rappers alive still cannot sell as much as hov. does it make mos def a bad rapper? or jay z a better rapper? hell naaw.

  • Raymond Marshall

    are you living in the same world as we are…Drake is from Canada….he is an actor….he can’t do anything ….Jay has 18 Platinum Albums….out of his league

  • Lekan Byfield

    ummm that was gay! one guy beats the other one up, and the other guy keeps trying to bite the tougher guy!

    not a great display of 2 “not soft” Lax players…Im just saying!

  • Nate

    Actually, Lacrosse was invented by American natives long before Europeans settled here. It’s the original team sport of North America. I guarantee the natives who invented it were anything but soft…Maybe the prep school kids who play it now are spoiled, but they’re certainly NOT as pampered as Jay-Z’s soft ass. Have you seen that guy’s legs? Limp noodle.

  • J. Jordan

    Jay outsells Kanye these days man, check your facts.

  • Hassan Basquiat Walker

    I think the point of the comment was that Jay – Z is way more successful than some kids who play a sport. He’s at the top of his respective field. It’s like someone who just started making beats telling the President to step down. But that was my take. Perceptions be crazy.

  • Hassan Basquiat Walker

    You mean sneak diss him? Or get jealous that Jay-Z can buy an OG Warhol?

  • Hassan Basquiat Walker

    But he sold drugs…. :( lol

  • Shane

    Its funny how the only time lacrosse’s gotten any shine, it was from Jigga

  • Perger Bence

    well i absolutely see the point but it’s still a nonsense to let somebody talk shit just because he/she is succesfull. i always bring up Jimi Hnedrix as an example. a (well-known) genius who remained a really down-to-earth person.

  • Hassan Basquiat Walker

    True. But I also feel like it’s relative. Being down to earth doesn’t make you a better person. Especially in the genre of rap, where being super braggadocios is the norm.

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