10 of the Coolest Music-Related College Classes You Can Take Right Now


By Elijah Watson

College, college, college: a place to learn, network (read: pretend to connect with people when really you now have a new group of buddies to drink with), and chill before transitioning into the real, real world. And with college comes predictable courses such as math, English, and biology. But what about classes geared towards music, specifically those in which you analyze an artist or genre through a critical lens?

Educational courses centered around what is described above isn’t a new phenomenon; the University of Amsterdam dedicated an entire class to Madonna’s artistry back in 1995, and other courses dedicated to specific artists and genres have been popping up across the world ever since.

So what are some of the coolest American college music courses out there right now? We found them, and we talked to the professors in charge.

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  • asdf;lkj

    Bob Dylan writing at Boston U!

  • Bert Crapels

    professor 9th wonder @ duke


    Black Queer Black: The roots and culture of House Music @ CALARTS

  • Colin

    Music in Stanley Kubrick Films @ Washington & Lee

  • Koala

    And UNC’s Beat Making Lab http://www.beatmakinglab.com/

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