Sign This Petition to Get Madlib and MF DOOM to Release “Madvillainy 2″

Madlib and MF DOOM’s Madvillainy is a classic. It came out in 2004, and we recently passed the 10 year anniversary of the record, with underground hip-hop fans still waiting and hoping for a sequel. Madlib said in January that they had started work on Madvillainy 2, commenting to Dazed, “we recorded like, 10, 13 songs, but out of those we probably only used 4, so I want to see how the recordings are going.”

Today we published an interview with Peanut Butter Wolf (read here), the founder of Stones Throw (the label that released Madvillainy), in which we asked him if there was anything we could do to help get Madvillainy 2 released. He said:

I guess someone could start a petition. Maybe Stones Throw? I wonder how many signatures we could get?

We are always ready to take the initiative here at Pigeons & Planes, so rather than sitting around listening to Madvillainy and crying we made a petition. Please, for the love of good hip-hop, sign it below and show how much the streets need some new Madvillain.

Petition to Get Madlib and MF DOOM's "Madvillainy 2" Finished and Released

Madlib and MF DOOM's "Madvillainy" is a classic, and we need a sequel. Sign this petition to show how much hip-hop fans everywhere want to hear another Madvillain album!


1,247 signatures

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