Sky Ferreira Defends Her “I Blame Myself” Video After Accusations of Racism



Yesterday, Sky Ferreira released the video to her Night Time, My Time song “I Blame Myself.” The clip featured Ferreira as a makeshift leader for a gang, with intermittent cut-to’s of the group performing a choreographed dance number. Speaking with SSENSE in a behind the scenes interview, the singer says the story was supposed to be representative of “real life events,” but instead many have claimed that the video was racist and that Sky treats her co-stars as “props.”

Upon hearing this, Ferreira took to her Facebook to write a response, and defend herself against the allegations. Read her full statement below.

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  • Hip Hop Jesus…

    The King Of Kings….

  • Kid Kenny

    I’ve been following her since she covered Miike Snow “Aminal”. Glad to see she has her
    head on straight…great response. There’s
    nothing wrong with the video…people are really reaching for things to be offended

  • youngertwinftw

    I didn’t see anything wrong with the video. I get where some people are coming from but they’re kinda reaching here

  • TMCCoast

    Just watched the video, haters can seriously GTFO. Seriously can’t see how you’d think just cus there’s black dancers that’s “racist”. People of all nationalities have been dancing since we could move.

  • kinggod

    Is she fucking being racist towards swedes? That’s a new low!

  • nigelPOW

    Black gang members, white cops. How is that racial in any way? And she looks up to Michael Jackson? His dancers were made up of EVERY race. Look at the Smooth Criminal video, Thriller, Bad. Very diverse cast.

  • Staci Elle

    Shes wack.. next.

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