Is This 18-Year-Old Rapper With an AK-47 Tattoo on His Face the Next Macklemore?


No, he is not. But after blowing up off a World Star post, Stitches’ tatted face is—for better or worse—one you can expect to see more of. If you’re wondering what Stitches loves, refer to the GIF below.



  • penda


  • Dan Scott

    seems like a nice fellow

  • byahbyah

    no rapper thats actually moving weight is going to be shoot a video with product and guns. and the kid scarred his face for life to try to fit that image. pretty corny.

  • Wagwan

    Apparently he loves selling blow

  • Subsidizer
  • Fat Trel

    Bruh the sellin’ blow part gets me everytime lol

  • lol

    Wack content, but in music if it sounds good and has a catchy hook it’s a win for the artist

  • Dakota Timmons

    Ah, link bated again.

  • TwirlyHatMatt

    so he is the next macklemore, is what you’re saying?

  • Confusion

    Sorry, just a little Saturday trolling.

  • this is horrid. why the fuck are we listening to this

  • Support P.eZ

    Ummm I guess. This just seems like too much of a reach for me. But it does have an entertaining factor.

    “Spring Flings: The Ep, an account based & themed around my everyday dealings with women in it’s own unique way. Vivid storytelling, dope beats, lyricism & songwriting. 5 tracks being released the 5th day of the 5th month at the 5th hour. You can check the lead singles Hey Irene & Next To You. I hope you all enjoy.”

  • IG: Wh_kush
  • BertMaclinFBI

    haha what he does at 1 minute kills me

  • Cougar

    wonder why he started rapping if he doesn’t need a rap check

  • nick gurs

    He’s already caked up your broke worried about another man you should reevaluate your priorities

  • nick gurs

    Better than all this skinny jean homo fag rap that all these nerdy frail geeks be making

  • nick gurs

    Probably get some fame so in the future cocksuckers such as yourself would comment in a forum about him just my guess

  • Sonick NineZeronine

    I love it. more of this, please Stitches

  • nevernotgully

    something something something (stack that cheese)


  • Dev

    This video wasnt creepy at all

  • Rudeboy_100x35

    why would he be compared to the next macklemore (i know it is a sarcastic title), but this dude is from miami and macklemore from seattle.. this dude is hispanic, macklemore is white.
    so can you please explain what do you mean. where is the connection. of did your journalism credibility just take a hit for lack of research. lol

  • byahbyah

    aw yeah hes caked up renting cars and jewelry lol

  • Confusion

    Yeah, it’s a joke, because he’s the opposite of Macklemore. Pure troll, and I’m sorry. You can have my credibility I don’t want it.

  • byahbyah

    Are you Stitches? If not, its not shocking that he attracts homophobic fans that also cant accept where fashion has been for the past 10 years.

  • colestar

    You’d have that were true but it’s not. I know people who put in that work and still write lyrics and make songs about it. It’s dumb but they care more about stunting than they do about not snitching on themselves

  • nick gurs

    Its OK I f you wear the same clothes as my bitch but don’t act surprised when real niggas are laughing at you you probably call your homies lovers like young thug pistols don’t fit in skinny jeans faggot

  • nick_gurs_likes_cock

    Nick gurs is a closet case. Get off dudes nuts. Everyone knows that if youre doing dirt youre not going to advertise it unless youre a complete moron. Dumb fucking kids will believe anything nowadays.

  • Christopher Gil

    I went to school with this fag he’s a rich boy mommy and daddy payed for the whole video

  • jojo


  • Jake


  • Farques Megladon

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