The 15 Most Annoying Things You’ll See at Rap Shows


By Charles Holmes

There is a gift and a curse to the art of a rap show. When a festival’s lineup is packed with rock bands and EDM artists, a rapper can represent a reprieve from the norm by just existing. Hip-hop by design is an inclusionary genre. At the core all a rapper needs is a microphone and a beat to rock the crowd.

Unfortunately, not all rap shows are created equal. For every monumental show like Kanye’s Yeezus Tour, which moved mountains (both literally and figuratively), there are thousands of rappers that are content to stroll on stage listlessly moving through their set in pursuit of a check. It’s a heartbreaking realization seeing your favorite rapper going through the motions on stage, when you’ve just spent a hefty amount of your paycheck to see them live.

With the unbearable winter weather behind us, festival season is right around the corner. In sad acceptance of the fact that you will almost definitely experience some of these over the coming months, these are the 15 Most Annoying Things You’ll See at a Rap Show.

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  • Andrew_Martin520


  • ALow

    I went to that ASAP show and you hit that trash twerk contest on the nail. It just turned me off to the whole show and to ASAP in general especially when you have great opening acts like Schoolboy Q and Danny Brown.

  • swoo

    i agree with everything but in (slight) defense of the twerk contest, that started as a party/club thing and a lot of rappers came up from those scenes so it sort of makes sense. the best example is how the whole problem, sage the gemini, young california thing took off from yiking videos and appearances at those parties.

  • BertMaclinFBI

    16. Crowds to cool to act like they are enjoying the show

  • alfa5

    The only thing I see missing from this list is to always give it your all. Doesn’t matter how many people are in the crow. Always preform like the place is sold out! Dude I love named J E Double F (check him out on facebook kid kills) always does that. There was one show of his I went to that was poorly promoted and it was only me, the guy he was touring with, the bar workers, and maybe 2 other people that didn’t seem to have any interest in the show. He still gave a performance like the place was sold out. I’ll always respect that.

  • Jonathan NotAdam Thompson

    J E Double F is so dope. And yeah, I agree 100%. I’ve done numerous open mic and lackluster tour date sets where there are literally one or two people in the room and I’ve never let that be an excuse to not crush it. Then again, I really like to rap.

  • The Mad Sampler

    People in the crowd soliciting their unsigned music?

  • douche mcnouche

    So rap shows suck period the end

  • J0hn Wilk3s
  • James

    You should probably change the title of this to “The 15 Most Annoying Things That Happen At BAD Rap Shows”, not all shows are like this.

  • priest forever

    Great article. You hit the nail on the head on quite a few points. Proud to say my group got all of that right but that’s why we have a reputation for having a kickass show. I do see this behavior more rap shows then at hip hop shows but it rings true. Going to post this on my page. good job

  • WooDro

    twerking aint got jack to do with hip hop everybody always trying to turn good music into a sex show….

  • krossoverking

    K’naan has a mean backing band.

  • Televangelist

    hello J E Double F how are you doing today

  • Windmill Owner

    17. Some sucky local rapper screaming his name 20.000 times and nobody giving a fuck expect his mates who are up front.

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