“The Dark Side of the Covers”: Famous Album Covers Reimagined From the Other Side


Album covers like The Beatles’ Abbey Road and Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon have become just as well-known as many famous paintings. But have you ever wondered what these iconic images look like from a different angle? That’s the very idea Flickr user Harvezt explores in The Dark Side of the Covers, a collection of images that propose what the reverse side of these album covers may look like. From David Bowie and Sonic Youth to Nirvana and Bruce Springsteen, take a look at Harvezt’s incredibly creative work below and on his Flickr.

  • Jesus Of Brooklyn

    A King Has Risen


  • http://twitter.com/#!/PancakeMcKennz pancakemckennz

    I love that we live in a time where any regular person who wonders “what if” can actually try to show us that “what if”… if that makes any sense.

  • x97sfinest

    Um ok?

  • Monch

    Kind of cool I guess, but I can’t help but think the effort this took was not worth it…

  • alamrashed

    What about Appetite for Destruction and Peace Sells

  • Nick

    I appreciate the effort, but if the creator wants an honest opinion, I found the albums he/she/they chose pretty boring…if you take an example like the creativity and humor behind the “Bad Lip Reading” video clips on YouTube, now THAT is worth every single second that was put into those projects…beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so wouldn’t it be a lot more clever to have for instance the backs of these albums illustrate something super funny, ironic, clever, scary, sad, etc about the artist and the year/era it was mainstream?Rather than just actually (yawn) the actual back of the supposed cover? Maybe Round 2 will be better, hope so because I can definitely appreciate the originality in the artist’s idea, just spice it up and take it from Rated G to Rated X! ; )

  • Eddy

    Love it!

  • Twatted

    This is fucking stupid.

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