The Key to Writing a Flo Rida Song



Want to write a hit single for Flo Rida? Well first of all, don’t be all soft and feminine. FACT got their hands on an email from Flo Rida’s team that details exactly what they’re looking for, and it’s kind of hilarious… or depressing, depending on how you look at it. Keep in mind, Flo Rida has had nine songs in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100, and he’s got over 18,000,000 Facebook fans.

Read the email below:

Hey everyone!

I’ve attached a Zip file (Idea & Instrumental) for a Flo Rida idea that the whole team love the melody.. Just needs new lyrics.. Lyric brief is below..Would be great if you had any songwriters who could nail it!

Overall key with Flo Rida is to be masculine, macho, and iconic. Meaning we stay away from soft topics (like “your beautiful” or anything with love in it, unless something nonromantic like “I Love This Shit”).

We try to use concepts that have been #1s before but not interpolate (example “Jump” has been a #1 for Van Halen, Pointer Sisters, Kriss Kross, House Of Pain, and others). We love catch phrases, edgy/sexual double entendres, commands, and HUGGGEEEE melodies + lots of energy.



  • Shraffi LéCamel

    :( my ears are crying

  • TopBananas

    is anyone surprised though?

  • Its Real

    Welcome to the way shit really works. There is no surprise here. Im not saying every big artist has a team of writers but most do, and guidelines like these keep their brand consistency up. He is not a substance rapper, he does anthems. I’m not defending him but its a business people, the whole team gotta eat.

  • Adam Austin

    so they made an instrumental, a melody, chose the tone they wanted, and a phrase for the chorus? Isn’t that kind of how…anyone writes a song?

  • Francis Aboy

    No. Sometimes the Lyrical Poetry is created first, the Chorus/Hook added later to convey the message.

  • Adam Austin

    It can be, but most people who make traditional verse-chorus-verse songs probably write in this way at least part of the time. This article is acting like doing this makes your music automatically “cookie-cutter.”

  • The Prayer

    “Sometimes I’m thinking God made me special here on purpose
    So all the while ’til I’m gone make my words important so
    If I slip away, if I die today the last thing you remember won’t
    -Kid Cudi

  • Tony Markovich

    “your beautiful”

  • Dee Jay

    Not surprised at all, but this is still hilarious…and also kinda sad.

  • andrew harrison

    If you see nothing wrong with conceiving a song by looking at what’s already been #1 on the billboard chart and ripping from it, and avoiding any real sentiment that might knock 100,000 units off of sales, you may be in Flo Rida’s target audience.

  • I work w/Grammy Winners

    This is how shit work…I guess you all hate Flo Rida so it’s easy to throw shade…

    Here’s what Jadakiss is looking for: Singles. Hooks are suggested but not required. No hard to clear samples and no trap music.

    Here’s what Diddy is looking for: High energy, stadium music ala N88gas in paris, Hly Grail, Hate Me Now & Run This Town

  • Albert Anderson

    I remember when I heard “The Prayer” for the first time in early 2009 and the moment I began to respect Cudi as an artist, and that line was one of the reasons.

  • x97sfinest

    That gif is perfect

  • Adam Austin

    If that’s all they do then yes, that’s a lack of creativity. But then again you can use the general idea of another song and make a new good one. And nothing else they wrote about songwriting showed any inherent lack of creativity or legitimacy.

  • swingem

    nigga shut the fuck up, EVERYONE steals from everyone. Flo-RIDA just been killing it…he aint making music for all you fuck nigga music writers on the internet. He makes music for everyone else. He killin shit, his shit aint for me but god damn that nigga makes massive fucking songs….the idea of a nigga writing his own music is a new one, your favorites Elvis and Frank Sinatra aint NEVER written nothing they damn self. lol

  • andrew harrison

    If you like a predictable formula without a lot of thought in it that’s cool. I get it – he’s a performer making hits, not an artist. Me personally, I dig artists who can still make banging tracks but aren’t too shook to take a chance and say something real every once in a while.

  • swingem

    homie, all songs have a formula…and what is predictable about Flo’s formula? i dont like the niggas music but nothing is predictable other than that his shit is selling….and nobody asked about your personal taste. lol….and if the formula aint broke, why try and fix it? lol

    music nerds hate on Flo…but that nigga could give a fuck, how you gonna act like “low” wasnt a BANGER!!?

  • Khoko

    All these garbage eatin’ people in the comments. Yum yum. Get your pre-made. Zero originality music right here. Buy what we tell you to buy and excuse it away by saying ‘it sells.’ It selling isn’t proof of quality. Asbestos sold. Now people have cancer because of it. You turning your brain off so you can have whatever ‘catchy’ tune is the only thing proven here. The facts are music sucks now because people like this sell millions of records because it’s so much easier to turn on the radio or ‘video music’ station than it is to have to look for some decent music yourself. You listen to what they say is good. You buy what they say is worth buying.

    I don’t hate Flo’rida, for spewing this shit out. He caught a bunch of retards. Clearly he was smart enough to trick them.

  • Nisha

    “your beautiful”

    Correction: “you’re beautiful”

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