This Tumblr Proves There’s a Connection Between Hip-Hop and Pre-16th Century Art


Have you ever looked at 2 Chainz and been like, “Call me crazy, but he bears a STRIKING resemblance to Quentin Massys’s Ecce Homo from around 1520?” Well, you’re not alone. Cecilia Azacarte is an art director who, after a trip to the Metropolitan Museum, happened to notice a strange connection between some historic art pieces and today’s hip-hop stars. She recruited her friend, film director Ferdinando Verderi, and together the two began searching old archives of the Met’s website to compile more similarities between modern rappers and their pre-16th century counterparts. The result is this this incredible Tumblr.

“I got interested in the iconography of power,” she told Complex in a recent email exchange. “Is there a timeless representation of swag?”

Take a look at the full collection below or on her site.

  • Devin Middleton

    Whoever finds this stuff may be a genius or just has a really strange talent.

  • eric

    this is amazingly legendary

  • Matt San Pedro

    This reminds me of another hiphop x art blog that I’ve been very fond of recently.

    Check them out!

  • TopBananas


  • illuinati_guy


  • BeyoncesButthole

    I saw this link and thought ‘this is so stupid Ive got to click on it.’ But its actually an interesting look into human psychology.

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