Video: Childish Gambino – “Sweatpants”


“Sweatpants” is the latest single from Childish Gambino’s Because the Internet album. It’s one of the more vicious cuts off the record—he slowly picks up steam and speed as the song progresses, becoming increasingly frantic until the song bursts and gives way to a shimmering, hazy outro. Today we get the visual equivalent with the official video.

Gambino plays off the closed loop format (check out previous efforts from Daft Punk and Kylie Minogue) to create a truly eerie diner scene slowly populated with more and more Gambinos. It’s subtle and pointed commentary on perception and narcissism, delivered directly into the camera’s eye.

Watch the video above, and check out Gambino’s surprise performance during Jhené Aiko’s Coachella set here.

UPDATE: After the video dropped, Childish took to Twitter to speak his mind on a few issues surrounding the video. Read below, and check out Donald’s Deep Web Tour blog here.

  • Bryce Willis


  • Loïc Mirande

    Let’s see how the internet is going to react on this one !

  • KofiSmiles

    Love it. #Dopeness

  • TopBananas

    Disappointed to hear his label wasn’t riding for him. There are few creative, talented, and humble artists that go against the status quo and their art actually gets the venues to be seen by the masses. They’re about to look real stupid. Not that it will effect their income but still

  • trillionaire

    Love it. #Dopeness

  • Basquiatcase

    I don’t know artistes go with a label these days, with so many platforms out there to sell your own stuff. Especially these artistes with such a following, they have more to offer labels than labels have to offer them.

  • DJ Jim Deuce

    not true, your favorite artist is signed I guarantee, do some homewrok, its easy to talk down on labels don’t be a follower

  • Basquiatcase

    “I don’t know why artistes go with a label these days…” When did I say my “favorite artist” is not signed? I was merely stating my opinion, that with all these platforms to sell your music independently (or getting distribution deals as opposed to production deals), my favorite artistes are still getting signed to archaic labels, trapped in an archaic system of marketing and a system that does not put my “favorite artist” first.

    Yes, I went and did my homework!

  • 2xUeL

    Wish I could say I understood the purpose of the last scene but it’s over my head…all I could come up with is he wanted to draw a contrast between a hectic city environment (perhaps representing the internet) and a more natural one. So I under-appreciated the final part, but the diner part was eerie, intense, and full of angst…rare for a music video.

  • krossoverking

    My favorite is Lil B, ya fuckboy!

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