What Happened To Those Bands? 15 Indie Buzz Bands Who Disappeared


By Dan Bogosian

How does a band get popular? Prolonged touring, word of mouth from a loyal fanbase, and some meaningful press are big keys to lasting success. But what happens when you mash the recipe for long term success and cook it too quickly? You get a buzz band. An act that we can't escape for a short while, and then a few years later, no one remembers. After all, sometimes the buzz is just the sound of flies on a carcass.

Here are 15 bands that were once inescapable on the blogosphere but who haven't aged well. Some of the music still stands the test of time (and some really doesn't), but all of it isn't being talked about anymore.

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  • Joe Price

    Yo, think The Faint released a (really bad) album recently.

  • Diego Blanco

    Who made this list? are many bands that are working in new albums …

  • http://www.pigeonsandplanes.com/ Constant Gardner

    It’s not necessarily bands that have split up, it’s bands that had a massive buzz but no one is really talking about now. They may be making new albums, but does anyone care…

  • Devin Middleton

    Darwin Deez is still the man. I actually thought “Songs..” was better than his first album.

  • Louis

    The Teenagers haven’t released anything since their first album that I know of. Homecoming was the jam.

  • AzureStarline

    I remember Temper Trap for Fader, actually…

  • Diego Blanco

    Ok, ok to much people gets confusing by the tittle!
    Greetings Constant!

  • Bambi

    I think its way too early to write off Temper Trap…Conditions was a very good album and though their second wasn’t as good it also came out less than two years ago

  • sheila

    i’m personally offended by the closing line of the natalie portman’s shaved head section. i miss them a lot, they were a great, fun seattle staple. got to catch their last show at the vera project at the seattle center… the biggest dance party i’ve ever been to. luv u brite futures, u will always be missed

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    How perfect is the Damien Rice song??

  • Angela Fardo

    I cared about the Faint album. I like it.

  • thirteenburn

    To me, this just proves that just because the “critics” deem a band to be “buzz” worthy DOES NOT MEAN said bands are actually any good; at least in terms of longevity. Evidently these bands weren’t as good as described or they would still be around.

    I’m just sayin’…

  • Elliot

    The Temper Trap one is way off the mark, Conditions was an amazing album. Soldier On is my favourite off that one anyway, and their follow up wasn’t as good but still had some good tracks like Trembling Hands.

  • juepucta

    the dude from the Bravery now writes pop tunes for hire (eg: Shakira)

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