Contest: Win a Vinyl Pack of West Coast Classic Albums by N.W.A., Ice Cube, and Eazy-E


Fans of vinyl and West Coast rap—specifically N.W.A.—rejoice, because we have an awesome contest for you. Universal’s Respect the Classics campaign, which has been running since September 2013, is re-issuing classic hip-hop records back on vinyl that have been out of print for years, and we’ve partnered with them to give away three great records.

We will be giving one lucky reader a pack of West Coast classics, which includes N.W.A.’s seminal Straight Outta Compton, Ice Cube’s classic debut solo album AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted, and Eazy-E’s Eazy-Duz-It.

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3. Let us know in the comments section below why you deserve to win this awesome record pack. The more creative the answer, the better chance you have of winning. GIFs are always encouraged.

Good luck. The contest will close Wednesday May 7 at 6pm.

The competition is now closed. Thanks everyone.

  • Adam Alonzo

    if i win i won’t even have to use my ak/i gotta say it was a good day.

  • s. paul

    don’t tell Dre but a lot of people really did forget about him. they even forgot about “Forgot About Dre”…damn
    (respect the classics, or else)

  • Dr. Lucas dre

    As much as I love classic west coast music it destroyed my life. After constant years of listening I eventually developed extremely misogynistic thoughts for women, wanting to hit and say extremely sexist things towards them, eventually I started to rob banks in my free time always killing multiple police in each robbery, man those days were bad. Soon before my suburban family kicked me out as they felt I brought too much black culture to a contemporary white 90s family, I did my worst crime yet, smoke.. The chronic. Immediately after my family saw me injecting this dangerous form of marijuana they kicked me out forever and left me with just one picture…in the middle of my transformation into gangsta music kingpin

  • Ryan

    I’m so west coast, it’s a god damn shame.

  • Dr. Lucas dre

    this is what gangsta rap makes you do to innocent white pedestrians

  • Big Cuz
  • Jóhann Páll Ástvaldsson

    I dont even want this pack…

  • Tom T

    I deserve to win because I’ve just started my vinyl collection, I’d love these, but they’re all way out of my budget. PLEASE? I do anything mang, I’ll…

  • Teenage Epitome

    I love all these albums!

  • Patrick Simmons

    Gotta listen to the classics when doin hoodrat stuff with my friends

  • Karabo Mooki

    Got fired on my day off and I’m trying to bring back artifacts to Africa.
    Johannesburg show love.

  • JT

    Now that I can rap like Kanye, I couldn’t think of a better trainer to take my rap game to the next level than a vinyl of straight outta Compton

  • Eazy F
  • Steven Hank

    I should win because I’m old enough to actually enjoy these vinyls and remember cube like this and not that

  • neodragzer

    As a start in collecting hip hop vinyls, this would be perfect.

    I got to have it.

  • Guest

    My turntable is my babe and my vinyls are my kids. The time I used to make this gif will be worth it if I get the honor to adopt these awesome kids.

  • Martin Abbedissen Fauskanger

    My turntable is my babe and my vinyls are my kids. The time I used to
    make this gif will be worth it if I get the honor to adopt these awesome


  • Corey Libow

    I did my college thesis on the history of west coast hip hop and how these same LPs shaped the way our generation looks at Los Angeles today. I would love to slot these along with the other classics in my collection.

  • Armando Montes III

    *Cue Sarah McLachlan music* I deserve to win because I was born in the 90’s and was raised on *NSYNC and Brittney Spears crap. They were tough times, but I’m striving to make a change. Your donation of these fantastic hip hop vinyls could change the life of a musically deprived young man, and help him to understand what good music is in a generation obsessed with Bieber and Lady Gaga. Thank you *Cut to image of adorable, sad eyed puppy for dramatic effect*

  • Jay Hawk

    I’m just now starting a record collection, my only ones being Double Fantasy – John Lennon & Yoko Ono, The Wild The Innocent & The E-Street Shuffle – Bruce Springsteen, and Santana – Moonflower. I’m also a young DJ who’s trying to make the transition from digital to vinyl. Having these records in my collection to both listen to and practice on would be a dream come true.

  • Paige Lenney
  • Antonio Nicola

    If I don’t win I will be very upset and call a big green friend of mine who will get even more upset…

  • EthanScoots

    I’ve been a fan, plus I try and help you guys out! @ethanscoots:disqus Y’all retweeted me before! My favorite blog site and I refer you guys to my friends. I’m also drunk and there is a naked chick next to me and I’m drunk. She says I should win cause I go out of the way to learn music and I care a lot and support you guys. Gonna go drink more, gotta work soon! Thanks! P.S. Bagel Bites get chicks

  • EthanScoots

    Forgot my glasses, somehow lost them but still can type. God Bless computer class. Home row keys~!!

  • mind2k

    hip hop brought me to another perspective of viewing the world, N.W.A, Biggie Smalls, 2pac, Wu-Tang, they taught me to cherish my loved ones and too protect them, intead of closing my feelings inside of a shell

  • Wallij

    Imma let you all finish. What you need to know is, I’ve just got a vinyl collection going but I’m a White British Male. I’m like motherfucking Tarantino, I’m just a struggling white man trying to keep my dick hard in a cruel and harsh world. I NEED THIS. Also, the worst question I get asked everyday

  • Vinicius Garcia

    I deserve to win because it will be my first vinyl, and bitch… its NWA, Eazy E and Ice Cube, these legends on the vinyl will be awesome. I cant buy them because I dont have enough money, and win this….man, it will be fucking awesome. As a hip hop fan this prize is a lottery.

  • Dj Dino / JKD

    I deserve to win as I am bananas about Flyin West Side,
    on a serious note I’m heavily into my Drum&Bass music
    Would like moe more HipHop!

  • Pedro R. Cabrera

    I deserve to win because I’m broke and need a vinyl fix.

  • MC Okkelz

    I believe anyone doing this deserves to win, we all have our reasons.
    I know hip hop will survive even after the founding fathers are gone


  • Mikolaj

    I should get these Vinyls cause i am true withe nigga , who all time says bla bla bla, who feels bumbap and gangsta rap it is all my life. And i know Gansta rap is like

  • Tommy Black

    I deserve to win because I’m straight outta Jasper! Alabama that is. Walker County is southern gangsta.

  • Dylan Gowler

    It was all a dream/ own vinyls from Cube, N.W.A, and Eazy E… But forreal, as an avid hip-hop enthusiast who refuses to listen to radio due to decline in the spirit of hip-hop culture and music, these vinyls would mean a great deal. If I were to obtain these classic albums they would not be unappreciated. They would go to a home where REAL SHIT SHINES. They also be wouldn’t be alone. Their family would be here. Cube, Dre and Eazy would be around Pac, Snoop and many more just kickin it old school. Allow those vinyls to be with their family and make the right choice. If not we can take it to Compton and find out who the Mack is and they’ll be still talkin even after nobody’s moving.

  • Adam Hut

    N.W.A – Express yourself a.k.a change lyrics by Adam
    I’m expressin’ with my full capabilities with changing lyrics

    And now I’m livin’ in vinyls i win from pigeons and their civics
    Cause some don’t agree with how I will win this.
    I get straight, meditate like a collector called Chris
    I’m droppin’ flava, my behaviour is awkward with his gifs
    But my technique is very necessary to win
    Blame it on other websites… Because they says it gets creative
    When you got a subject and feeling of lose
    While I’m droppin’ my changes
    Even if competetion
    I will make myself a winner
    I still changing lyrics, yo, I don’t post gifs or a beg.
    Cause its known to give a bother to pigeonsandplanes
    And pigeonsandplanees on the jury don’t manage
    Express Yourself.

  • Deejay Grazzhoppa

    i completely scratched up NWA, ICE CUBE & EAZY E’s albums that i need fresh copies ! Peace Grazzhoppa

  • Ginny Gillikin

    i deserve to win because i was a DJ in college, and played cuts from these albums on my show!

  • Shane Wilson

    I deserve to win these because I’m a youngin that loves vinyl. I would love to own these and for them to blow my mind like this:

  • Charles P.

    Every run I did thru Basic and AIt, was with this music playing in my mind to get me through it. These albums were a part of my childhood as well as adult life.

  • One Louder Magazine

    My old band used to cover N.W.A.’s ‘Fuck Tha Police’…I grew up on that isht! To hear it on vinyl would be amazing!

  • Rosco C

    I’m 18 years old and would love to own these first time i heard nwa I was about 9 it was chin check on an old sony portable CD player I bought haha used to run around shoutin N N DUB DUB DOUBLE U A A my mum would go mad lol these would be awesome to win!! And good luck to everyone cheers

  • Leonardo Hernandez

    so i can’t win because i don’t meet the criteria of “liking” you on facebook?
    not everyone has a facebook!!!!

    i do follow you guys on twitter and tumblr and if you had a google plus account i’d add you in a circle there.
    i’ve been a fan of P&P for a couple years now…..not quite the beginning but definitely a while.

  • Farhaad Esfandiary

    I deserve to win because when I was 8, and my brother was 15, we memorized all of “Dopeman” and decided to perform it in front our mother. My brother let me start the song, and of course when I got to the “Cluck, I don’t give a shit, if youre girl kneels down, and sucks my dick” part, my mother stood up and smacked the shit out of me, and then went after my brother for letting me listen to that. Memories of that slap still resonate within my soul.

  • Jeremy Jsg Grant

    I think i deserve to win because i am a sample based hip hop producer, born in 1996 unfortunately i had to go back and learn about all the greats before me. my brother would always tell me to listen to the music that he enjoyed when he was a kid i was pretty young and didn’t understand why he pushed it on me so much. until i heard it. after that it was a consent wish of mine that i was born 20 years earlier just so i could hear this music on t.v when it first came out just to soak it all in. also vinyl is my life from beat making to just enjoying the music. this i why i think i should be chosen to win them i hope you pick me. thank you


    i need this to show future generations what real hip hop is about…..not that fucking shit that’s been going on

  • John

    As a kid I lived in Lynwood ca right next to Compton as a white kid it was hard to fit in my parents hated rap music and that’s what helped me fit in from nwa two short all the west cost gangsters all my childhood memories full of there songs

  • Zakary

    I deserve to win because hip-hop is my life, ive started my vinyl collection and have been listening to. sadly, there are almost no places near me to buy vinyls so only when i go traveling i get the opportunity to buy them. Ice Cube is one of my favourite MC’s, straight outta compton is one of my favorite albums and Eazy-E is just freaking awesome! these are ZaKKKary’s most wanted albums!

  • Andrea Malaguti

    I need these vynils, yeah I know, it’s not gon’ be easy
    But it’s vital to have those with all of my CD’s
    West Coast classics, let’s go blast this
    Blunt, I stunt, I’m all but classless
    Get on this contest, I’m on this, then I compete
    Y’all flawless, I ball ballers like Pistol Pete
    This y’all see is not even my final form
    Level up, leather up on your bitches like Michael Kors
    I fly like a plane on propane, a pigeon or a pigwigeon
    Don’t go by nobody’s name but Hip-Hop is my religion
    I got a legion of feelings and all of ’em need a healing
    So please me, give me those vynils i value as diamond earrings
    You hear me?! If you don’t…of course you don’t, it’s only written
    Still I post this, just to make your day less bitter
    Come on Pigeon & Planes, I’ll even give you my liver
    I did everything, I even started following you on twitter!


  • Emmett Singer

    I deserve this because I’m a young designer who’s on his struggle and vinyls are a huge aspect of inspiration. I started my collection under a year ago and have J5, De La Soul, Jungle Brothers, ATCQ. To sum this up quick I eat/sleep/drink hip-hop and more so these artists. The reason I deserve this is infinite hours of creative inspiration.

  • David

    i deserve this oldie because ive been on these zaggin since i was a baby.. thats about 14 years now.. think about it.

  • RDTaylor

    I deserve to win this because these three albums on vinyl epitomise gangster rap and I fuckin love them. Don’t know how many times I’ve listened to these albums but a couple hundred more times on vinyl would be DOPE.

  • Guest

    cause i’m so hood… I got a family and sheeeeet

  • idonteatbacon

    cause if not…

  • André Carvalho

    I deserve to win because I’m from Portugal and California’s weather is similar to ours and I’ve been listening to this classics since I remember myself. Plus, I can’t afford a vinyl and neither find these anywhere around here. I’m really core fan of westcoast rap. GIVE IT TO ME PLX!

  • Guest

    my father had these records while i was growing up. an angry ex-girlfriend of his smashed all of his hip-hop records because she hated the music. I’d love to win these to share with my dad, and let him hear the music he raised me on, in the way he’ll appreciate it the most.

  • Guest

    my father had these records while i was growing up; he raised me on all of this. He was the one who explained to me what an AK was after Ice Cube rapped about not having to use his.

    One night an angry ex-girlfriend smashed all of these records, simply because she hated hip-hop. I’d love to win these for my dad, and give him back the experience of listening to the music he raised me on, in the way it was meant to be heard.

  • erikaldrich

    My father had all of these records while I was growing up. He practically raised me on this stuff. He was the one who explained to me what an AK was after Ice Cube rapped about not having to use his.

    One night, an angry ex-girlfriend smashed all of these, along with the rest of his hip-hop records, simply becuase she hated rap. I’d love to win these for my dad, so he can be able to listen to the music he raised me on, the way it was meant to be heard.

  • Flawless

    Because the rest of these comments are made by clowns that wear skinny jeans & i was actually bangin that ish in a boombox when it dropped I still knock that shit..& my Block nick-named me Eazy-D since way back cuz of reasons dont need to mention..I still rock Dickie fits on top of Nike Cortez (Dopemas for those who don’t know) & always have, when I crack open a 40 its a O.E I’m a 80s baby that knocks 80s & 90s shit not this new garbage & I been supportin everyone from the Left-Coast not just Eazy, Pac, Dre, Cube, Snoop…

  • Flawless

    Oh & I don’t wait for someone to die before they become my favorite rapper…Eazy was my favorite rapper since the beginning…

  • Christi McKim

    I saw

  • sandor

    I deserve to win this cause if i didnt i wouldnt even have entered in this …..
    and im all about that old school
    aint gunna cry why i hsould get it imma be straight
    :) im a fan doe
    a nice present to give me dad the owner of Poetic Justice !!



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