Famous Sitcom Families Reimagined With Drake



Drake’s kind smile and wide-set eyes set him apart from other rappers. On “The Language” he raps, “I am the one with the motormouth, I am the one you should worry ’bout,” but no matter how much shit Drake talks, at the end of the day he seems more like a friend than a threat. In a way, Drake almost feels like part of the fam—like that protective old brother, or the mischievous cousin who’s always cracking jokes but sometimes takes it too far and then feels bad afterward. And so we imagined…

  • Joe G

    He looks like Prince in the Cosby Show one

  • http://twitter.com/#!/PancakeMcKennz pancakemckennz

    It’s posts like these that remind me why i love P&P

  • InkandPage

    Thank you for covering up the weird kid’s face and not JTT. Plus he makes a beautiful Jan Brady. Would he be as emotional, though, about Marcia Marcia Marcia?

  • KM

    Wow you guys are some dick riders

  • Khoko

    Covering Will Smith’s face to put this chuckle-f*ck in? Nah, homie. You messed up on that one. He’d fit real good over Hilary tho.. acts just like her.

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