Throw Chains at Women and Turn Them Into Trophies as Future or Kanye West for “I Won” Video Game


Future’s definitely onto something here. After that (highly addictive) “Move That Dope” video game, we now have a video game modelled after his and Kanye West’s “I Won.” With the single playing in the background, the objective of the game is to throw as many chains at lady passersby as possible and turn them into trophies, so that they become your “trophy wives.” Get it? Word of wisdom, though: don’t try this in real life.

Play the game above.

  • some guy

    inb4 social justice warriors on tumblr deem this as the patriarchy oppressing women

  • My Name Is My Name

    Lol I’m surprised no women’s rights blogs ain’t eat this up yet lol

    This is the first in a series of 4 EP’s that’ll be known as The Fore Seasons, which is a loosely based project themed around my past and present dealings. Spring Flings: The EP, themed around my relation’s with women in it’s own unique way, is a vivid, human, at times funny & honest portrayal of not just my experiences but those that could’ve happened to the average joe. I hope you all enjoy these tracks and don’t be afraid to spread the word! Thank you.- P.eZ

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