Don’t Believe the Hype: Highly Anticipated Albums That Didn’t Deliver


Anticipation can be a double-edged sword. While a hyped up album or long-awaited release builds interest, it also raises expectations. In some cases, it yields the kind of album that impacts in very special way. Take Kendrick Lamar's Good Kid, M.A.A.D City for example. Kendrick had the world expecting him to do something great, and he delivered.

But when the anticipation builds and the artist fails to deliver, it can be a career-killing affair. Being disappointed by an album you've been waiting on for years feels like a personal investment gone wrong, like you've somehow wasted all this energy hoping, waiting, and imagining. Womp.

Here are some cases of highly anticipated albums that didn't live up to the hype.

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    Going to have to disagree on the Wale bit… His stuff since joining MMG has been crap. Don’t see how his A.D.D. album didn’t live up to expectation. He’s always been a mixtape artist, now he just has a label and $ behind him, which in turn has forced him into a specific type of sound and has not given him the liberty to be as creative as he once was. Maybe A.D.D. wasn’t the greatest album, or what you were expecting, but at least it had variances in its sound and style.

  • slime

    Bruh.. that Bloc Party album was great. The review seems so absolute… Some of the best Rock music to come out in a while!

  • Crisp

    I’m surprised kanyes 808s and heartbreaks wasn’t on here. I love that cd to death but it seemed like so many people were disappointed in it.

  • John Doe

    Bloc Party’s Four? “the magic of Silent Alarm faded into the past”??? wtf you serious? Four saw them rediscovering their roots with a more matured and heavier sound. also, do you honestly expect a band to stick to their sound when they first started out? look at Radiohead. did they sound anything like they first started out? fuck no. imo, Four was solid. have you even heard V.A.L.I.S. or Coliseum? and if you’re talking about letdowns in the alt rock genre, Wolfmother would be a 10x better example. i’m sorry but i’m calling bullshit on this.

  • Dashing28

    This list is weird. Were people expecting Rebirth to be good? I don’t think any rap fans anticipated Lil Wayne’s rock album to be any good and it wasn’t so it wasn’t anticipated and it wasn’t disappointing. It was pretty much what we expected. Likewise with Lupe, the quote about him hating the album came out BEFORE Lasers was released. The singles were lackluster so no one expected it to be any good.

    Relapse was waay better than the album he put out before it, Encore, and if you take off 2 songs it’s actually a very good album. “Stay Wide Awake” “Underground” “3 Am” “Deja Vu” “Beautiful” Arguably, a deeper and more lyrical album than Recovery. Just didn’t have the pop hits….

  • noisysockmonkey

    I really liked 50 Cent’s album “Curtis” but that’s because I have terrible taste in music.

  • John Doe

    exactly! this writer def doesn’t know a good rock album when she hears one :

  • Support P.eZ

    Ummm Wayne & Rock album never sounded like a good idea for the record

    “Spring Flings: The Ep, an account based & themed around my everyday dealings with women in it’s own unique way. Vivid storytelling, dope beats, lyricism & songwriting. 5 tracks being released the 5th day of the 5th month at the 5th hour. You can check the lead singles Hey Irene & Next To You. I hope you all enjoy.”

  • PissedoffEminemfan

    wow RELAPSE ? really? didn’t deliver? One or two songs can be said aren’t that great but the rest of the album is gold, this album appealed to the core eminem fans (NOT YOUNGER, NEW FANS) it was deep and some of the lyricism is incredible and some of his best of all time, and youre putting em in a list with people like lil wayne in it…., Oh and if Relapse is so bad, why did it win multiple prestigious awards and help him on the way to becoming the best selling ARTIST of the 2000-2010 decade?

  • Question

    What are your guys’ thoughts INDICUD by Kid Cudi?
    Did it live up to the hype?

  • Davide Leroy

    Wale makes great music gtfoh

  • Davide Leroy

    Wow there Trolling. talking about albums almost 10 years old

  • Dan Scott

    Maaaaan. Relapse is one of the best em albums, and i have been following his career since i first got given his sample cassette back in 98. It was a legit return of slim shady. it was the last true eminem album, before all the emo rhianna collabs, that are definatley targeted at a new audience. (nothing against his new shit, but it aint classic em)

  • Brass40

    The deals with artist who’ve had albums that didn’t live up to the hype built prior to their release; Eminem isn’t untouchable in this context. As for the awards and album sales, Eminem has a huge, hardcore fan base (yourself included), very willing to overlook his shortcomings.

  • RBS

    Nah… That shit was trash… And most major awards are given to the artists who sell the most, hence Macklemore… So there’s your answer for that.

  • Torivio Chavez

    I actually respect their review of all the albums on here. SOME of the listed albums we can unanimously agree weren’t the best from the artist. And they at least don’t personally bash the artist like Pitchfork

  • Carver Low

    I was unaware there was any hype, so yes.

  • Chantal B

    Kingdom Come is really not that bad. I like at least half of the album. There’s some good stuff on it.

  • That Square-Head Nigga Batman

    I’m glad you typed this for me.

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