Watch Kanye West Listen to a Rapper Perform For Him While Walking Down the Street


Kanye West doesn’t like to be bothered by cameras and questions when he’s out in public, but he didn’t seem to mind when a young rapper approached him while he was walking home with Kim Kardashian in New York City. It seems like the artist had some encounter with Kanye a couple of years ago, and he explains that he’s been working on his music and that it’s sounding better than ever. Then he walks alongside Kanye and raps, and Kanye listens, even holding up at the door to let the kid finish. Watch above.



  • Leighton McDonald

    Damn fam get some business cards or something

  • khal

    This guy has balls

  • Andrew LaSane

    if those cameras werent rolling tho..

  • Stian Nicolaysen

    He probably would have listened then too. When it comes down to creativity and things that actually have to do with MUSIC, Kanye is interested. He signed Big Sean after hearing him freestyle in the hallway on a radiostation. He doesn’t want to deal with all the other shit.

  • TRWilliams

    I wish people got to see more of this side of Kanye.

  • Địt mẹ chúng mày

    true shit.

  • d skills

    who is the rapper, want to hear his music, links please?

  • thisguyhere

    where’s kanye’s security?


    Big Seaned him!

  • Ed Holiday
  • $TRONG

    that dude was tuff !!! Kanye aint gotta sign him, cuz Kanye don’t have to build every rapper so they could b the biggest in the Game, I jus hope that dude pushes his music and becomes great.

  • Samy Merabet

    my thoughts

  • Ed Holiday
  • Support P.eZ

    That was mighty cool of Ye

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  • POOP


  • JBarnz

    here’s a dope mixtape, positive chicago rap

  • KuFY

    I get annoyed just by looking at this hailstorm of flashes, can’t imaginane how it is to live with that. Paparazzis are a bunch of leaches. Can’t think of a more unworthy profession.

  • Ben Stern

    not true. I ran into Kanye backstage at a concert and approached him with no cameras around. His bodyguards stepped in front of me and he told them to fall back and chatted with me. He’s a good dude when it comes to real people and fans.

  • Aaron Simbaa Howard

    thanks bruh when I see him again I will

  • Aaron Simbaa Howard

    Thanks man I appreciate the support

  • emiko_swag

    “I’m bout to get some sleep doe.” -Ye’s response

  • Leighton McDonald

    Good luck fam. People need to take notes from you and not be afraid to show their talents to the greats.

  • ohellna

    people routinely post on KTT during tour season how they ran into Kanye and post their pics with him and shit. A lot of fans been able to chop game with him also.. don’t believe that TMZ bullshit about his entertainer persona as if thats really him

  • krossoverking

    The Paparazzi are fucking scum.

  • physiks_VA

    first verse on first track is murder. i’m a lil busy tho. i’ll check it out later on.

  • Shaka Zulu

    Y’all believe the media too much Kanye is a good dude.

  • Ms. Cream of the Crop

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  • anonymous

    hey man can i get a link to check out ur music? my email is

  • TopBananas

    this how Big Sean got on, y’all aint know

  • X-Man

    Dope shit… and I don’t even like most of the new cats out now.. sick flow.. Work on the song structure, but the lyrics are on point!!! Hope this vid helps you go to the next level.

  • Bruce G

    Here’s more of that kid’s music!

  • richie

    where in soho?

  • ladymjackson001

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  • Ben2Ben
  • jawz

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  • Victor Ware

    you got a soundcloud or something?

  • tom tom memphis

    much love to dude for having heart.check out my youtube videos search Tom-Tom Memphis

  • Sol Goode
  • Trill Mister

    This is a good sotry

  • Paschal

    stop posting this shit in every single PAP article. Its incredibly annoying.

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  • Jairtheshadow

    Not his music… stop fooling.

    real dudes music.

  • Kapone Beatz™

    http://www.Kaponebeatz(dot)com if yall looking for some quality instrumentals. Hope dude make if far in life. Bold guy!

  • Nate

    Hit me up!

  • Rich Williams

    just from this video you definitely motivated a whole lot of ppl to take opportunities like this most ppl would just yelled out kanye and kept moving

  • Clayton Broomes Jr.

    If you need a HOT music video, we can talk.

  • Kayla young

    I can’t watch it -.-

  • Elroy Preston

    very few things inspire me to want to work but this was cool. i couldn’t really hear the raps so if you’ve got some audio online hit me up with some links, that’s all.

    twitter – @calhountubbs

  • JakeFinesse

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  • BlackGuy4260

    Yo You got some music bro? I’m just a hip hop fan trying to find something new to listen to.

  • Doug

    What a loser that kid is

  • Aaron Simbaa Howard
  • Bru-toneMobley

    I know that takes a lot of guts to rap in front of someone you idolize. Keep it up and never stop your grind, man.

  • Aaron Simbaa Howard

    Thanks for the support be sure to share the music, more current events on my instagram @simbaaisking “SIP’S; A Sample Story Mix tape COMING SOON”

  • ricardolovemedia I’m hungry too. LOL

  • Montana Savage

    Thats a look out by Kanye just for listening.

  • TheNaked Hustle Ceo

    it has to suck not to be able to walk down the street without being photographed..

  • Moonandstar

    thats how he found cudi.. good try.

  • penda

    this is tough man, good shit

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  • rowdy raz

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  • Philishia ImBless’d Fields

    I don’t even listen to much rap anymore… I’m from Chicago so I def. listen to Ye’ ….To be Honest…I love your music…I think you have a great future ahead of you! Keep Being BOLD…KEEP looking for that silver lining ((its coming))

  • Al Jarrett

    classy move to Kanye and to young blood not being afraid and trying to be a student to a teacher and not a groupie to a star. keep working at it you’ll be that teacher.

  • Mr.juda87

    see kanye listened to the young man but then gave him the yea it was ok but im not going to sign your ass in five minutes im not usher your not bieber gtfomf nigga

  •'sHeavenlySweets Tristan D. Evans

    That was nice of Kanye to take the time to listen to him.

  • Buddy Moneyfirst Johnson

    Young HoodChiano DaWeirdo got good music with a different sound from chicago

  • Buddy Moneyfirst Johnson

    Young HoodChiano DaWeirdo

  • Julio Frias

    Aaron in an envelope; a business cards with a note. letting Kanye know you was that dude and give it to his doorman! I would lie to his doorman and said is from defjam or something to make sure he receives it! Best of luck!

  • She BAD

    awww that was awesome!

  • d

    Kanye was thinking whats more boring being out wit kim or listen to this dude rap. chose to hear dude rappin lol

  • d

    and it obv seemed good I wasn’t knockin u boy gl hope u get ur success on

  • Derek Lansky

    ur amazing


    That took guts. Respect.

  • Neechie Neech

    good shot, bad business! next time my guy. 3rd time is a charm!!

  • Neechie Neech
  • Neechie Neech

    if you think I’m worth an interview, i’d be down.

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    o really,

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  • Q

    ^^ da fuk

  • Bee

    i agree wholeheartedly.

  • Victor Ware

    Vistaprint is alright, but their cards a pretty flimsy. I always suggest The print quality is worth the little bit extra cost.

  • the fixer

    Send me an email address and lets do a track or 2. I produce.

  • Magnum Boy

    Tmz is stupid “so is it true you are both married?” to see if Kanye would interrupt the aspiring rapper to answer a dumb question.

  • Aaron Simbaa Howard

    I’ll keep that in mind thank julio

  • Kiddz

  • Heather Robinson VirgoQween

    See he is not the monster they portray him to be he just doesn’t like to be F’d with by the paparazzi!

  • BrittneyMinaj

    exactly! the guy who rapped for kanye released a song

  • Decoy
  • rnbhiphoprockstar

    Yes Ye’ that’s what you’re supposed to do, it took so much nerve for that dude to walk up to him and start rappin, I love that, my dude seized the moment

  • ladymjackson001

    ohh thanks. I didnt know about them. yea I knew vista weren’t the best but I think its a good starting point for free ones but I’ll def remember thanks again

  • Dane Mic

    beat kinda sound like Dragonball its catchy

  • gall

    young hood? sounds bad already. and “money first”? hip hop doesn’t need any more lame money centric, hood glorifying rap.

  • Twon Dako

    That was very nice of Kanye. he stood there patiently and waited for the young man to finish his rap. Awesome. Congratulations young man for getting Kanye’s attention for that long

  • $TRONG

    U already bro jus keep grinding and rapping, u have an IG bro ?

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