Suge Knight Calls Diddy a B*tch, Says Tupac’s Not Dead


Suge Knight took a moment to talk to TMZ while he was outside of the club smoking a cigar, and he breaks down some things for the cameraman. He talks about Hollywood rappers, Diddy, getting arrested, snitches, protecting Tupac, and more Suge Knight stuff. Then at the end he explains that nobody’s ever been arrested for the murder of Tupac… because Tupac’s not dead. “You know he’s somewhere smoking a Cuban cigar.”



Watch Kendrick Lamar cover 2Pac’s “California Love” here.

  • Hai

    the first interview i saw where the interviewer/cameraman is the hypeman of the interviewee

  • Jarrel Goodwin

    twitter @Julianbased :)

  • Jarrel Goodwin

    the interview is annoying asf

  • woodz

    yea, yeh, yah, right, riight, yea, yah, nah, no, yeah

  • cb

    Desperate for a single ounce of attention

  • Support P.eZ

    Smh damn homie. In 3rd grade you was the man homie. Fuck happened to you??

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  • nah

    the reporter is such a bitch

  • Maxsur

    and now I sit here and ask myself; “why did I watch this?” yea yea right right

  • CC

    Dude, stop fucking posting this. We don’t want to hear your shitty music.

  • Dan Scott

    drunk as fuuuu

  • D-Roc

    no shit. this hot garbage anyway

  • Younity
  • Aliya

    i believe him

  • kjk

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