The Bizarrely Lo-Fi VHS World of Los Angeles Rapper Bones


The internet is full of artists with strange, deliberately scruffy aesthetics. Whether it’s Yung Lean green screened over footage of Pokémon stadium or Spooky Black’s bizarre du-rag smirks, there’s no shortage of internet-friendly visuals. The difference between these artists and Bones, however, is that his aesthetic fails to provide the disconnect that others do. Inspired by the sinister VHS work of Harmony Korine, his grainy videos go hand-in-hand with his macabre music.

His world is fiction—sometimes ridiculous, sometimes terrifying. His songs frequently sample music that makes use of hauntology and embody an almost punk attitude, and it’s rare for a song of his to last longer than three minutes. Think early Three 6 Mafia if the internet was widely available in the early ’90s. His pencil ‘stache, long hair, and skinny frame further fuel the creepy aura.

Whether squatting beneath eerie static or washing his switchblade with Fiji Water, Bones knows how to make everything appear mystifying. His background providing visuals for Raider Klan is evident, but his style remains his own. The videos are all shot on an old family camera that uses Hi8 tapes, edited through unkempt means. While a lot of these internet-born artists are working towards a bright and clean aesthetic, Bones goes for the complete opposite.

It’s hard to explain the appeal of Bones without resorting to comparisons of awkward surrealism. The darkened hues are cryptic, yet the guy behind the music is a skinny white dude from L.A. that dropped out of school to pursue his dreams. He doesn’t front like he’s about the life his music portrays—it’s just the art that he likes to create.

Bones’ output doesn’t quite rival Lil B’s, but his work ethos isn’t too far removed from that of The Based God. Bones has accumulated over 15 releases since he started in 2012, and he’s currently readying the release of a new mixtape, Garbage. Regardless, Bones is a character worth investing time into, even if his discography is intimidating. Just don’t go in expecting a based attitude.


  • jay

    yall are so late.

  • Hugh G. Rection

    they’re not late. bones is literally only known on tumblr. idk of any other music blogs that have mentioned his name before.

  • Joe Price

    Known about him for maybe a year or so, but it’s only around now that I feel you can even mention him in the same breath as other internet-born rappers like Yung Lean. As my mate Hugh pointed out, he’s received very little coverage outside of spoken word and edgy Tumblr kids – I’m just trying to make sure those who don’t scrounge the darker depths of the internet know who this kid is.

  • CamProd

    Rita Ora has always been one of my favorite up and coming artist!! I’m so glad to see her back! Her new single “I Will Never Let You Down,” is really dope. Check it out here

  • Elliott

    Hey Joe, im bones older brother and just wanted to say we appreciate the write up!! we have been following the site for a few years…

  • Marvin Chardonnay

    yea only known on tumblr and that’s the reaseon why he wil have EU tour..gosh

  • Hugh G. Rection

    i bet almost every person going to his shows have tumblr accounts

  • Marvin Chardonnay

    no, we just now here what’s good…next question if we like yung simmie it means that we all have tumblr ? :D

  • Guest

    Odd song selection. Bones has considerably better songs out there.

  • Christian Kitooto

    I know him and I don’t have tumblr. When Bones started as Th@ Kid he was mentioned by some raider klvn artists If I remember well.

  • Joe Price

    Definitely send them my way! I’ve not really dug too deep into his discography I will admit, but I’ve always appreciate him.

  • Joe Price

    Keep in touch!

  • Hugh G. Rection

    i said almost every person. read my post. i said nothing about raider klan shouting him out. i’m saying that p&p is probably the only or one of the very few music blogs that have featured bones on their website.

  • DanielR

    Write about P2THEGOLDMA$K!!!!!!!!!

  • Professor Green

    Is that a Tomorrow’s Harvest sample on that first vid?

  • Marvin Chardonnay

    ok here is the short interview with bones from january 2013 by czech magazine, i guess that you don’t even know where the czech republic is..scroll down for EN version so yes they are late…………………and i even like P&P :)

  • Joe Price

    Nope, it is Boards of Canada though! Twoism to be precise:

  • Joe Price

    Bit ignorant to say that he doesn’t know where Czech republic is haha. It’s a website for mostly non-english speaking readers, so it’s a pretty mute point. This isn’t about being first anyway! As said, pretty much no major English blogs have covered him for whatever reason, and it’s baffling!

  • theworstknown

    the LA Weekly did a piece, mishka’s blog had a write-up and so did beats and blood. Slow burn but sesh is on the rise

  • SPIV

    Thanks to Joe’s writeup.. I’m down to give you guys some shows . http://www.g8waydrugs.com is what I’ve currently got goin..

  • I


  • :)


  • Boone

    Come to Seattle!

  • Boone

    Where can I DL a mixtape?

  • Elliott

    Hey thanks would you mind emailing me at or do you have an email i can reach you on

  • xLXRDx$VTVNx

    #SESH rolling and smoking and smoking rolling

  • crminal

    i feel like he is one of those kids that are like, I smoke weed i’m so edgy,look at me. Weed’s not a fucking drug, he makes it seem like i smoke, this could ruin my life. not at all. Of course this is biased due to prior experience. if you see his earlier vids, he is nothing but a suburban wanna be skater. Whatever though, dig his lo-fi VHS vids

  • Dagon

    Been interested since I saw him rocking a Darkthrone T on the cover of a release.

    Darkthrone >>>>>>>>>>>

  • dave Le Croc

    never was on tumblr… know him from soundcloud… over a year ago..

  • dave Le Croc

    same here…thats where i noticed him first…

  • SlimieSlug

    Bones is finally getting the recognition he deserves with this new asap album! Once i started listening and watching his artistic style i was hooked. people always say they want the real genuine shit, well he is it. He is a breath of fresh air to lots of these rappers. When he is at his best, you feel the like the track is about to grow a heart and veins with blood coursing through the speakers!

  • 1 like shawty

    why the stupid screenshot of negativity at the end? can’t yall just form your own objective opinion and leave it at that?

  • 1 like shawty

    spoken word? foh

  • 1 like shawty

    how u hating and dick riding simultaneously?

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