Video: Uzi – “Money”


On paper, Uzi’s “Money” might read like a lot of recycled clichés—fuck haters, get money, smoke weed, etc.—but sonically and visually, nothing looks or sounds quite like Uzi. The duo’s latest video is for “Money,” and it features appearances from Lil B, Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean and others. It was directed by Uzi, Ash Travers, and Mike Waxx. Watch above.

  • KuFY

    Mhmmm…? This is just weird for weirds sake. People are so in to finding something revolutionary new and out-there-zy that stuff like this ends up getting rotation. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great that people evolve and play with genres… But what is this really contributing?

  • Confusion

    Why do you say it’s weird for weirds sake? Uzi has been making music like this for years now, so maybe it’s worth considering that this sound and look is actually what they want to sound/look like.

  • Wedges

    usually i don’t fuck with this vhs try-too-hard type aesthetic, but for some reason (maybe it’s the visual cosigns #shoutoutkendalljenner) uzi seems to have found his own lane within the “weird for weirds sake” genre that’s becoming more and more popular


    When did low quality production become such a fad?

  • slime

    I can’t decide if he is trying too hard or not trying hard enough… Whatevs its retro bro!

  • KuFY

    Yeah, the music is okay I guess, it does not really give me anything. And that’s part of what I mean. The same with the video.. MIA is weird in a great way, she really brings something to the music scene and the – of lack of a better word – zeitgeist, I don’t really feel like these do.

  • Riley Jones

    For years? Are you sure about that?

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