Which Artists Are Going to Blow Up Next?


With the amount of new artists surfacing, it's hard to keep track of who's who. Every minute, it seems, there's a mysterious new Soundcloud producer that everyone is talking about or a buzzing rapper releasing mixtape after mixtape on Twitter. With all this noise it's easy to be overwhelmed, but who better to guide you in the direction of the most exciting new artists than the people who spend all day listening to them and writing about them.

Find out who is next to blow, according to some our favorite blogs and writers (not including the P&P or Complex team).

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  • Support P.eZ

    An artist that wasn’t mentioned here: P.eZ

    “Spring Flings: The Ep, a loosely based account of my experiences with women, is currently available for free download. Vivid storytelling, dope beats, lyricism & songwriting that’s held together by being honest, raw & at times funny. A highly enjoyable & entertaining experience to say the least. All is welcomed to listen, I hope you all enjoy, & I hope you all take care. Don’t be afraid to spread the word either! Peace. -P.eZ”


  • http://lord-nigal-lingden.tumblr.com/ #LordLingden

    dominic lord ?

  • http://lord-nigal-lingden.tumblr.com/ #LordLingden

    travis scott ?

  • IXXI


  • Ash

    Rae Sremmurd

  • Ash

    Troy Ave

  • penda

    troy avenue can fuck off

  • Tinimo Efere

    lucki ecks

  • NotARTHR

    Arthur B. Low

  • penda

    maybe cause you never gonna blow up with this irritating spamming every article shit man

  • Niad

    You cant have johnny stimson’s manager write up the post on johnny stimson. Or at least put a note that theres a conflict. This is very basic journalism stuff

  • Support P.eZ

    A funny thing happened though from this spamming. I managed to get over 4,200 plays on my page in under a month. So thank you for allowing me to get your attention. Now you can either shut up & enjoy the music or just shut up. Your choice.

  • Oscar

    Doja Cat

  • Totem


    They deserve it

  • penda

    the girl who got hit in the head with a shovel got a lot of plays too but she aint about to make a career out of it

  • My Name Is My Name

    Thats a stupid fucking comparison. Here I am making music to share with the world & you compare that to a girl that got bopped with a shovel on worldstar. Your attempts at being a pointless hater is futile. Now go find something to do with yaself instead of tryna shoot somebody down. Obviously you dont have a dream or just afraid to dream. Good Day Sir!!! (Willy Wonka voice)

  • penda

    what you really doing is drowning out discussion on music with your own selfish attempts at clawing out views, everywhere you go on this site you see your tape in the comments with a shameless plug and the same autofellating description.

    you’re antagonizing far more people than you are enticing, it’s not a good marketing strategy and it’s overall a pretty douchey thing to do.

  • My Name Is My Name

    Right…..the more that people listen, the less I’ll have to do it. Now…..GOOD DAY SIR!!!

  • WW

    He will go soon.

  • Shitty

    like a desk in math class, you can count on lucki ecks

  • Derek Lansky

    don’t be an ass

  • lrkwin

    Already blew up

  • Paschal

    How is he being an ass for telling the truth

  • derek lansky

    lol are u speaking in third person

  • geebreezy

    Danny seth??

  • Ash

    Called Rae Sremmurd 2 months ago. 10 points to me.

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