20 of the Best Songs to Wake Up To (For Any Occasion)


Waking up sucks, but sadly living requires that you do it every now and then. So, to help you endure the joyless process of staggering bleary-eyed from your bed to the kettle for your coffee, we've compiled a list of awesome and, importantly, really appropriate songs to use as alarms for almost every type of wake-up. Whether it's a depressing Monday, your birthday, or your nursing a hangover, we have the perfect song for every occasion.

So say goodbye to whatever harrowing default noise Apple and Samsung are currently offering, and try out some of these tracks as alarms instead.

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  • Brixton Deucalion

    Good Morning by Kanye West should be on this list

  • thomas

    Be by Common should be up here, most uplifting beat to start your day ever

  • pops mensah bonsu

    1st of tha month by bone thugs

  • Grant

    Radiohead’s “Everything in Its Right Place” should have made the list

  • steve

    this is really good thanks

  • http://twitter.com/ Lucky Ley

    Yes! Used to listen to that every morning my sophomore year in hs lol

  • jimmytheshooter

    Good Morning by Cage

  • The KZA

    Go! is another one by Common that should be on it.

  • Chris Ramsey

    Yooo thank you for putting a day with the homiez on here that beat been stuck in my head for years but never knew what song it was. Fuck man good lookin out.

  • elleilani

    Bone Thugs 1st of The Month.

  • Olerud_4_Life

    Luchini by camp lo are you guys crazy for leaving that out

  • BlanchardDeMtthw

    ice cube – today was a good day

  • Guapo

    Strawberry Swing by Frank Ocean, the song also ends with an alarm sounding off

  • Geo

    one of the best beats around. check out J.coles remix of it, nice

  • ADarkerBreed

    That 2 Bears song is the exact thing to make a hangover worse

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