Contest: Win N.E.R.D.’s “In Search Of…” On Beautiful Limited Edition White Vinyl


Thanks to Respect The Classics, we’ve got another great vinyl giveaway for you. If you missed our previous giveaways, here’s a bit of background info—Universal’s Respect the Classics campaign, which has been running since September 2013, is re-issuing classic hip-hop records back on vinyl that have been out of print for years, and we’ve partnered with them to give away N.E.R.D.’s debut album In Search Of…

The album, made by Pharrell and Chad Hugo with Shae Haley and Spymob, is a classic, sounding as fresh today as it did in 2001, and this special 2xLP edition comes on glorious all-white vinyl. It looks and sounds incredible, and we have two copies of this special edition vinyl to give away to two lucky readers.

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3. Let us know in the comments section below your favorite song that Pharrell has ever been involved in, and why.

The competition ends Wednesday June 11.

The competition is now closed, winners will be announced shortly.

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  • jackie

    “Hot in Herre” is a ridiculous song. But it’s so infectious, even 12 years later. I can’t help but play this song when I hit the beach!

  • Cameron M. Lee

    Drop it like it hot. It still hold up after a decade and also proves that Pharrell has the secret to eternal youth.

  • Dakota Uluilelata

    run to the sun, because Pharrell and nerd made some 70s porno type cheese and added his usual suave funk to it, essentially making one of the most underrated bedroom classics to get freaky too that will add 20 points to your sims style relationship. Basically you can never lose

  • zee_009

    Pharrell rapping over The Game Has Changed. It’s a great display of borders being blurred and musical genres evolving. Also, the fact that we had a dry spell of Pharrell songs up until this song makes it even more worthwhile.

  • Nick Duke

    “She Wants To Move “is one of my favorites. The beat builds off of the bass line, including everything from both spanish & electric guitars, lasers, and dog barks—Pharrell’s not afraid to go with his gut. He shows so much versatility, easily combining funk, rock, and hip-hop on this track.

    The vinyl looks great!

  • MaxMMNavarro

    “Life As A Fish” I love the melody changes – it’s such a well produced song and even though Pharrell isn’t the greatest singer, his voice sounds so great on that track. I also love the meaning of the song. It’s about the creation of this world (according to the Bible) but it’s also about how we are ruining the world. I think that the song is like a modern answer to the bible on how the world is today.

  • sfu

    gaaaad it’s really hard to say one fave but “Bobby James” from In Search Of… got some real lyrics like you know the guy.. chill, laid-back song but pretty emotive

  • shanikt

    It’s tough but going with “Bobby James” off In Search Of…. so laid back after a long day to just zone out too. They really make you feel the emotions of the character

  • Jon

    “Run to the sun” has been my favorite song since it came out. I was 11 years old. The chord progressions, the different instruments, pharrells singing blended so perfectly together. As pharrell said in N.E.R.Ds third album, I began seeing sounds. I owe everything to these men for starting my love of music.

  • G.Hodges

    My Favorite Song Pharrell Been Involved In Is Sade “By Your Side (Neptunes Remix). I LOVE it because Pharrell and Chad took a classic song from sade and took it and made it even better than the original song is. I don’t even listen to the original anymore i just listen to the neptunes version.


    Run to the Sun is one of my favourite Pharrell tracks. It has such a groovy feel to it yet the context in the lyrics is so powerful. If you’re a huge Pharrell fan you can really tell that this specific track is about the relationship between he and his grandmother. You really feel that vulnerability yet it is somehow hidden with the amazing riffs of the guitar and the beautiful chord progressions. It is one the first tracks I heard by N.E.R.D and definitely something that everyone can relate to

  • Dominick

    Bobby James by N.E.R.D. Because the lyrics are emotional (idk if that’s the word I’m looking for but yeah) and I really like the beat in the second half of the song.

  • abeyeezy

    Bobby James has always been the best.

  • MeshellU

    “Sooner or Later”
    It was actually the first song I heard on the N.E.R.D “Seeing Sounds” album. I was 15 years old and never heard anything like it because most of the people around didn’t listen to that type of music. I so happen to hear it by accidentally snooping in my older brother’s cd collection. The song is actually a life lesson that tells you not everything last forever just like the song.

  • Adot

    Fly or Die is probably my favorite song because of its inspiration. In dark or hard times in life its easy to give up and the really weak can do things that will not only hurt them physically but hurt the people that love them. This song came to me at the right time just as music does for people. Theres a choice to be made.. fly or die sink or swim which one will you choose!

  • Ericha Forest

    Frontin’ is my all time favorite. It reminds me of summertime and vibing with my friends.


    My favorite song by Pharrell is no doubt, Am I high! Not only for the lyrical content (I didn’t realize it was a metaphor for the longest until after I started smoking weed smh) but that piano and the entire composition of chords is beautiful! Also this song contains my favorite Malice verse, it was pre- Lord Willin’!

  • Freed0n

    Rock Star, that song will always be the “feel cool” anthem

  • itoodreamincolorandrhyme

    “Maybe” has always been my favorite. Questlove on the drums and Lenny Kravitz on the guitar you cant go wrong. The music video just made it even better with Lanisha Cole who was absolutely gorgeous. And plus when Lupe Fiasco sampled it for “And He Gets The Girl” it was like the icing on the cake

  • Brandon K

    ‘Hypnotize You’ -Daft Punk & Pharrell

    Amazing song and video..Pharrell has always been that dude

  • Justin

    I’ve been hooked ever since Superthug! Something about their sound has always moved me.

  • Matthew Thill

    God Bless Us All. In Search Of…is my favorite N.E.R.D. record, but GBUA has to be my favorite song of all time. I connect so much to the sounds and tones of this band. God Bless Us All hits home in so many ways for me personally. Thanks for providing (pun intended) this opportunity for us.

  • Ol’ Burger

    Clipse – Ride Around Shining. That whole Hell Hath No Fury album is incredible, featuring some of The Neptunes’ best productions

  • Realms

    I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me). It brings back memories, that was a good year.

  • KNL

    “Happy” || I’ve been a fan of the man ever since he was a boy, but the global impact of this record and it’s ability to lift people from every corner of our sacred sphere, even if momentarily, out of despair, has set the bar at a level the Voyager is yet to reach. *tips arby hat* Touche!

  • Rudy Garcia

    My Favorite song that pharrell has been apart of is “Us Placers” which also has Kane and lupe in it. It’s my favorite song that he’s in because his lyrics are amazing and the flow is fantastic and because it was probably the first song that he really caught my attention and made me listen to more and more of his music.

  • Jonathan Pugh

    “Number one girl” Pharrell feat Kanye West. Produced by pharrell of course. Off of his first solo album “In my mind”. This is my favorite song that pharrell has been involved with because of the great production, mixing and lyrics. Also In my mind is a great album as well.

  • America

    Too many classics from this genius to pick 1 favorite song & be content with it, but if I had to choose, I’d choose…. “Virginia” by the Clipse. The beat is 1 of the illest EVER & it’s an all-around great song.

  • lu

    “She wants to move”. From beginning to end, it’ll catch your attention. I still remember watching the video what, 10 years ago in MTV or some local music channel. The bass, the beat, the electric guitar, even the dog barking in the beginning, there’s nothing I don’t like.

  • Marco

    Lord Willin’ is the gospel. So many amazing tracks. Pusha T and Malice’s diabolical flows coupled with the catchy production of the neptunes is absolute fire. “Grindin” put Clipse in the mainstream without sacrificing either the rappers or the producers gritty styles.


    Fam lay – Rock and Roll. The beat is crazy. Horns and Strings. Little keyboard sitar over it. Plus pharrells antics in the video are hilarious. playing the fake trumpet and doing the army march. Vintage Pharrell. Fam Lay shoulda blew with the clipse. Plus lil flips featured on it. its hard.

  • Burnett♔Ken

    I Know (ft Pharrell) – Jay Z, it’s a dream maker

  • Brendan

    I mean, c’mon- NO ONE here is gonna bring up “Angel” from In My Mind?! Only Pharrell could compare a woman’s ass to a loaf of bread in the opening line and somehow MANAGE TO PULL IT OFF.

  • Jeremy Patterson

    Mase- Harlem World – “Lookin’ at Me” I can remember hearing that sound/production and being able to connect it to the future Pharell/The Neptunes masterpieces. My first known contact of Pharell Williams.

  • Vic Fabrice

    My favorite song that pharrell has been involved in is “When skateboard came”. He used to be called “skateboard p” and, for me, it was the real him, singing about people on the streets, fun, drugs…he was just like one of us, like someone you can meet on a party or skating in your town. So real, so sincere

  • menghif

    My favourite Pharrell song has to be ‘Sooner or Later’ from N.E.R.D’s album Seeing Sounds. Pharrell says that eventually something bad will happen and you gotta move on (“It’s over, leave it”). The beat is awesome and there is a sick guitar solo at the end.

  • Kwame D. Boateng

    Fly or die of the album of the same name is most definitely my favorite track as well as that whole album being one of my favorites of all always manages to take me back to when I was a 14 year old angsty ass just starting high school and getting into trouble….N.E.R.D has been one of my favorite groups ever and pharrell and chad Hugo along with shay created music that forever puts me in a better mood

  • yung dicaprio

    My favorite song by pharrell or the neptunes is “Tape You ” i just remember my mom driving me to in-n-out and hearing it come on the radio . i instantly had goosebumps and the melody he was laying on the track was so perfect , i was only in second grade . i legit wanted to cry because of how great that song was later on that day i asked my mom to buy me their cd . had it every since ( true story) .when that song came on i instantly connected with it like as if the song flew in my soul from the radio man idk what it was . tbh i love majority of their music but this one in particular is the one with most memory . STAR TRAK 4 EVER (kelis voice)

  • Lauren Croom

    In Search Of… gave me life! The whole album…on repeat… days in a row… I was in a new place in life and that album always reminds me of where I come from… no one song can epitomize what that project means to me… oh and Take it of/Dim the Lights (In My Mind…) is so well constructed I’ve never tired of it… actually this post triggered a youtube search, which undoubtedly will lead to a an N.E.R.D eargasm… thanks for that…

  • lęmar .

    My favorite song that Pharrell has had something to do with is ‘Young Girl / I Really Like You’. Although anything P has touched is a 10 for me, this song really means a lot to me becus’ it was a past girl’s favorite song & mine as well. It plays in my mind every time I see her. Excuse the pun. This song is kinda all I really have of her.

  • Gabe Alvarez

    My favorite song that Pharrell has been involved in would have to be Ghetto Children on Kelis’ kaleidoscope. The song has such a strong message for kids who feel like they aren’t anything. In fact, it has a strong message for everyone, not just “ghetto children.” The verse that Pharrell has on this song is so underrated and the instrumental is so chill. Plus, it brings back good memories of my seventh birthday when I begged my mom to take me to the store to buy it with my birthday money. Pharrell is such an inspiration

  • Nico

    Beautiful With Snoop Dog!!!!

  • Carver Low

    Frontin’ with Jay Z

    Too classic, and the catchiness of the song sneaks up on you. It’s playful.


    Out of my 300 song Neptunes playlist, Kelis’ Kaleidoscope shares MVP with “In Search Of”. She and the Neptunes had a great muse/artist relationship. It’s a shame that is lost. Long time fans are still waiting on them to reunite.


    Strongest Neptunes remix imo

  • Conner Perry White

    Kelis – Game Show, The chemistry Kelis and The Neptunes had together on the Kaleidoscope album was amazing, like a strange alternative to Aaliyah & Timbaland. The album in a whole was quite risky especially ‘Caught Out There’ but Game Show always stood out for me.

  • matt

    I’d have to say “Life as a Fish” is my favorite Pharrell related song. The production combined with the overall environmentally conscious idea behind the song connects with me.

  • burdseyeview

    Hard to pick a favorite track on that album, but I’d have to go with Bobby James. The storytelling, the strings, and then of course, the interlude to cap it off.

    In Search Of…changed my whole perspective on music. Not only my favorite album of all-time, it was really my first step away from being so focused solely on hip-hop. Now my music catalog is a million times more diverse because the album opened up my mind and ears to so many different rock and alternative elements.

  • Niklas Kiær

    there’s so many, but the ultimate favourite must be “Things are getting better”. Been my jam for positivity and energy since I was a kid in ’02.

  • Brice Ellington

    Number One feat. Kanye West was one of the first times I heard P. TOO GOOD. COTTDAMN

  • Mason Storm The 1st

    My favorite song Pharrell is associated with is “Love Bomb” from Seeing Sounds. It has the most extravagant and beautiful production of almost any song Pharrell has ever been a part of and serves as the change of pace the album needed after so many hype/upbeat songs.

  • Isiah

    Tape You. DAT OUTRO.

  • gennylopez

    Fave track is actually on that album, BRAIN because…

    Do I really even love you? Or I do I really love your brain?? I just love yo braaaaain! ;)

    That whole album is dope.

  • Marcelo Alamo

    Provider, because you just pray to god you make it home alive.

  • Saint Elsewhere

    So so many! but I’d have to say Spaz-N.E.R.D. The Glow-in-the-Dark tour was the first concert i’d ever been too (awesome introductory concert too), and they were debuting Spaz for the Seeing Sounds album. The energy they had on stage was electrifying, and they had like a dueling drum solo thing on stage with the two drummers! Everyone got out of their seats, ran to the aisles and just started dancing whether or not they could. It was such a freeing atmosphere, and a vividly dope experience.

  • Matthew Leir

    Drop it like its hot. -i couldnt tell you why its my favorite.

  • CM Punk

    Hey its Justice, All the way from Newport News, Virginia. I’m here to tell you guys that I really want this record because its my favorite album and i’ve been searching for the perfect vinyl version for over 5 years. I love it on all levels. Its just this feeling that N*E*R*D* fans get when they hear any song by them. My favorite song is “Run To The Sun”. Its my favorite song because when I first heard it in my headphones it gave me chills. The lyrics, chorus, and production is too amazing. I was thinking about asking my mom to order me this vinyl but I feel like I ask for too much. I have no problem with asking but I feel like i’ve done it too much this month. All from the heart. No One Ever Really Dies.


  • Santiago Anaya

    Run to the Sun. Just a classic feel good song. A stand out from a great album.

  • Adeeb Rashid

    Provider – NERD

  • Ken Ashmore

    You Know What by NERD. It just makes me want to dance every time I hear it.

  • Arjun Mahesh

    Run To The Sun – Classic NERD/Neptunes/Star Trak sound, has funk and class and the same time. It came out so many years ago but it still sounds like it could’ve fit on G I R L with some strings added in. Can’t forget the electronic In Search Of… UK Release either..

  • Ezra Plymesser

    Loser (ft N.E.R.D. and Clipse) – The Neptunes

  • neodragzer

    I’d say Lapdance mostly because no one else would dare bring that up here.:D

  • Janco Morales

    Honestly, Aerosol Can with Diplo. It’s underrated as fuck. I hadn’t heard him rap in a long time and honestly that track got me so stoked, he was fucking BACK you know? Ever since I heard that shit I knew, I fucking knew he was about to murder the fucking industry, and he did. I hear him everywhere now, it’s amazing, still get’s my psyched and hyped. Such a fucking amazing inspiration.

  • Matthew Sliter

    Dear Pigeons and Planes,

    Since In Search Of.. was one of the first albums I ever bought and because I consider Pharrell to be one of the most influential music figures in the last decade, I believe this vinyl will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine (Wayne’s World, 1992). Most people know about Pharrell Williams through his recent endeavors and steep rise in pop culture. But a lot of people don’t understand how extensive and genre-smashing Pharell’s music has been since he first came onto the scene as a ghostwriter for Wreckx-n-Effect. Whether he’s making an airy, spacey tune with Chad Hugo, or making a gritty, 808 bass filled beat, Pharrell has always been an anomaly in music production. Both ends of his production spectrum are fantastic, but because of my musical tastes and devotion to the classics, I would have to say that my favorite song Pharrell has been apart of is “Grindin” by Clipse.

    Grindin serves as a monumental and notable track for not only the Pharrell (the Neptunes), but for hip hop in general. This beat is a clash of the Neptunes futuristic sound along with some of the grittiest drums that hit a production board. The boom bap drum beat that hits harder every time as the song progresses makes me almost crash in my car due to me banging tmy fists to the beat on the steering wheel. Grindin best represents how Pharrell got shit done in the early 2000’s and had the ability to work with any artist he might have an idea for. This song is perfect because it is a subtle beat that absolutely bangs, which gives Clipse the ability to display their lyrical talents. Especially Pusha T, who if you haven’t caught on yet, has sold a significant amount of cocaine in his day, even though he NOSE better (Move that Dope 2014). If you don’t go bat shit in your car while listening to this song, then something is wrong with your ears. Pusha T just comes right out of the gate with a smooth flow that glides over the hard drums, followed by the Neptunes signature future sound with a woodblock riff. Not only does the song itself make it my favorite Pharrell song, but how it came up influences my decision as well. It started out as a drug dealer anthem and didn’t really break open for about nine months. But once it did break though, everyone finally got to hear the brilliance behind a song that took a now famous rap group to a new level. It starting out as an anthem for a specific group of people adds to the notoriety and solidifies the true meaning behind the lyrics. I love that it broke open Clipse, I love that it holds it’s place in time, and I just really love the song.

    Not to mention that by this time Pharrell had already produced Clipse’s first album, “Got Your Money” for the iconoclastic and infamous Ol’ Bastard, BRITNEY SPEARS, and many, many more. The guys talents behind the boards and musical influences that he draws from are never ending, and this song, for me, is the prime example.

    So please, let me acquire this vinyl so I can put it right next to my copy of In Search Of… which I got when I was just a wee boy. Also, please hire me as a writer. I am broke.,

    Matthew Sliter

  • BigGucciSosa3Hunna

    Allure – Jay-Z prod. by The Neptunes

  • Mind Made

    Yooooo, first time I heard this song my brother taught me a dance to it and everything I was like 7!! Throwback

  • Mind Made

    This is legit like picking a child or some shit! This dude is the reason I started producing.

    But I’ll go with ‘Beenie Man ft Mya – Girls Dem Sugar’ It was the perfect mix of hip hop and reggae. It’s bringing me back just thinking about it.

  • gavensra

    Earl Sweatshirt – Burgundy because it sounds like the beat Earl needed to start his album

  • Westside Flip

    My favorite Pharrell song is “Stay Together” by N.E.R.D, the version with SpyMob. The song is amazingly crafted and it takes you through a roller coaster of emotions and sounds bouncing from the left to the right ear. Its an underrated song.

  • Nik Lathia

    “Windows” off of Seeing Sounds by N.E.R.D. that song is funky as hell. I always thought the entire album had such a wide variety of songs ranging from something like Spaz to You Know What but Windows was the icing on the cake. From production courtesy of The Hives to lyrics to delivery every aspect comes together perfectly in a way only Pharrell manages to bring to the table.

  • prettysphinx

    Run To the Sun

  • Jeremy Patterson

    Throwback, but timeless to me

  • Yavi

    As someone in their mid-20’s, it’s hard to put into words the place that Pharrell, the Neptunes and N*E*R*D* occupy in my memories. To put it into numbers – the year I turned 16, they were supposedly responsible for about 40% of music being played on the radio. They almost solely produced the soundtrack to my teenage years – every awkward crush has a Neptunes track associated with them in my mind, whether I saw them as my Señorita or just Beautiful. When I was blasting burned CDs in my very first car, or sitting in a classroom resting my head on my hand with a concealed earbud stealthily threaded up my sleeve – chances were I was listening to something that had at least a Pharrell writing credit.

    So picking a favourite track is not easy. The Neptunes got the best out of both Britney and JT, but I slightly preferred their hip-hop work. And in terms of best chemistry they had with an artist/group, it’s tough to pick between Kelis and Clipse. In fact, up until writing this very sentence I thought I was gonna say Dirty Money, an album track from Clipse’s phenomenal Hell Hath No Fury. But there is one song I feel better sums up Pharrell, the Neptunes, their sound over the many years they were at their peak, and the effect their presence on a track could bring to an artist. A song people recognise even if they don’t know who made it:

    N.O.R.E. – Nothin’

    So Pigeons and Planes, I came to party
    Yo vinyl’s looking at me

    What you gonna do?

  • Jonathan93til

    The song i’m going with is Provider from the first time i heard the song to anytime i do it just gets me to stop whatever i’m doing and put my full attention to the lyrics. even the music video is amazing to me. how it is a universal song to the struggle to everyone. It just appeals to every mans fear and inspires to avoid a situation like that and make something of myself. I AM OTHER

  • HOEZ

    This whole album is my favorite song from P. NORE and Mystikal put me on but I wasn’t impressed until I saw “Lapdance” where he was rocking pink striped polo’s and BMX’s on BET’s Uncut show at like 2a.m. Nobody was doing that.

  • Guest

    I was born in ’96, so the first time I heard “In Search Of”, I was still in kindergarten. I lived really close to my aunt and cousin so every now and then he’d be the one to pick me up from school. He loved that album more than he

  • Adam Ahmed

    I was born in ’96, so the first time I heard “In Search Of…”, I was still in kindergarten. I lived really close to my aunt and cousin so every now and then he’d be the one to pick me up from school. Whenever he picked me up he’d always be playing the same song, “Bobby James”. I’ve never heard anything like it before, the song was hypnotizing, and I was completely absorbed by it. It didn’t matter that I had no idea what the song was about, the melody and instrumental on its own took my mind places that they hadn’t been before. For about a month, I would ask my cousin to play it for me whenever I was in his car and it became our routine.

    A couple years passed and my cousin was leaving out of state for school. For some reason he left behind his copy of “In Search Of…” when he left, so naturally I grabbed. I never bought music so that was the only album I owned for years. The first time I listened to “Bobby James” alone I was in for a surprise. I never heard the hidden track at the end of the song before because my cousin would always hit the repeat before the song actually ended. That switch turned the slow melodic song into this beautiful mix of horns, synth, and ba-ba-bas’s. The music made me giddy to an point where I was legitimately smiling by myself in my room like a fool.

    As I became even older, I learned what the song actually entailed, and that changed the song completely for me. As I grew with the song, the song meant more and more to me. It was almost as if I was listening to something new with every replay. The juxtaposition between Bobby James’s story and the upbeat hidden track was supported by the change in instrumentals. Instead of some pointless instrumental, I started to look at that hidden track as Bobby James when he was high. There was no substance, just the euphoria from the instrumental. The singing has no words or meaning, and the horn just seems to play freely and puts the listener in a dreamlike state. My admiration of Pharrell and Chad Hugo grew with every year. The word genius shouldn’t be thrown around loosely, but I 100% know that title belongs to The Neptunes. I know the instructions were to write about Pharrell, but it would be blasphemous to not mention The Neptunes as a whole.

    Bobby James, along with all of “In Search Of” crafted me as I grew, and still does. Along the road I’ve gotten my hands on the 2002 version of “In Search Of…”, and the obvious digital copy, while preserving the original one I got from my cousin. I know that this vinyl is next to join the shrine, and I hope that you guys at P&P see it too. Thanks for listening to this kid’s story. Catch you on the flip, fambruhgini.

  • john

    dude i love this song and totally forgot about it, it was also one of my first songs that got me more into his music! right on

  • dbear

    Clipse – Grindin’. Sounds simultaneously timeless and futuristic. And it launched Pusha and Malice’s careers.

  • Joseph Giovinazzo

    “Get Lucky”

  • Chris

    I’m going to go with Spaz off of Seeing Sounds. I love the beat on it and it always seems to put me in a great mood after I hear it for some reason.

  • Graffi

    I was in middle school when fly or die came out. I was a different “i am other” kind of kid and because of that I didnt really fit in. The song that really resonated with me was “breakout” from that album. That song made me feel like it was totally ok and acceptable to be myself, never mind if other kids though I was strange because I didnt listen to the same music or want to dress and act like them. I could be myself. A messege pharrell’s has always pushed and encouraged.

  • Trina

    Anything that Pharrell has been in has truly been a part of my music-listening story, but I gotta admit, his work on 702’s “I still love you” is definitely a top one in my mind. I was in band for 8+ years and that drum beat was how our drumline warmed up on setup.
    As a music fiend, so many years later, I still go back to “In Search Of…” for artistic inspiration.

  • Christian Cruz

    “You Can Do It Too” will always be my favorite Pharrell track. It helped me find myself when I was in a pretty dark place at the time. When I would hear it I felt like everything was fine. I felt like I could totally be myself and all my problems would just fade. It showed me that even through all the problems or issues you have you have to be strong and it’ll all be good. It inspired me to become successful in life. I think I’d still be lost if I never listened to the tack. It made me feel like I could actually do it too.

  • r a q u e l

    My favorite Pharrell song has got to be Run to the Sun by N.E.R.D. Just reminds me of good times, and I love the overall vibe of the song.

  • Wes Guy

    My favorite Pharrell song would have to be “Things Are Getting Better”, off of In Search Of. This song provides a natural feel good vibe from start to finish. It is a perfect blend of braggadocio and inspiring lyrics. I can turn on this song and album when I am in an amazing mood or when I am feeling down and get different feelings for the song, but they all reflect amazement, hope, and good vibes and energy. “Is it just today or are things getting better in my life? We’ll see tonight.” These lyrics appeal to me, because I am use to adversity when you least expect it and being let down, so when things are going exceptionally well I often do not know how to react and expect something bad to happen. Pharrell encourages the listener to live in the now and just enjoy the good vibes and energy while they are present. Don’t look too far back or too far ahead. Overall this song and album are a great bridge between alternative rock and hip-hop. If it wasn’t for this album and N*E*R*D as a whole I’d still be an one dimensional hip-hop head that has no recognition for other genres especially rock. This was my introduction to rock and encouraged me to journey back and research past, present, and future bands, but N*E*R*D will always be my favorite.

  • Alejandro Baraybar

    My favorite song is Us Placers which is a remix of Eraser by Thom Yorke. It’s amazing how all three artists (Pharrell, Kanye, Lupe Fiasco) come together to give a real look into the fame game. I also love how Vashtie manages to bring it all together in the video.

  • David Walmsley

    Liks – Best You Can

    Because why wouldn’t you go up the stairs, at a house party, on a dirtbike?

  • R.

    Maybe remix.

    Because Phantom doors, because Clipse and because ATLiens.

  • Max LP

    To me, “Time For Some Action” takes the cake. The song is a ridiculous combination of storytelling, standard Neptunes bass and Pharell showboating his fun lyricism. The song is underrated and often overlooked and is maybe the hip-hop equivalent of Weezer’s “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived” with just a taste of the spoken word outro from Common’s “Forever Begins.”

  • Kevin Nguyen

    I’m gonna go with Maybe. It’s just a timeless record and brings good vibes. Although you can’t go wrong with Grindin just based off how raw that beat is and the verses… Man it definitely boosted everyone’s career on that record. I just would like to add Mr. Me Too and I Just Wanna Love Ya to the equation as well. Love knowing that Jacob Walder used Mr Me Too in his Ice Cream Skate Part.

  • Allen Mark Aranas

    Child Rebel Soldier – “Don’t Stop”

    I remember hearing and loving the Everyone Nose remix and loving it, but it wasn’t until “Don’t Stop” came out as a G.O.O.D Friday that I got far too excited about the CRS side project among Pharrell, Lupe, and Kanye. All three artists were my favorites in hip-hop at the time, too. Sadly it never went anywhere and if this song was any indication, everyone missed out on something that could’ve been incredible.

  • JVDB Tweet Machine

    The production on Clipses album was amazing Grinidin is a fav. It changed hip hop for mr

  • Chris Wimbrow

    Grindin’ man, but y’all never mind me

  • Shannon Niveleau-Chouaïech

    My all time favorite song and also one of my fave songs Pharrell was involved in is Frontin’. I cannot think as another song as #1.
    I heard it for the first time when I was 10years old and knew immediatly it was going to be my favorite song.
    Everything about it is perfect; from the beat to the keys, from the bridge (one of the best from the Neptunes I think) to jigga’s verse… It is so timeless, you could almost think it was dropped 2 days ago!
    Later on, I discovered In Search Of and it changed the way I listened to music and what I expected from it. It would not be an overstatement to say the Neptunes kinda changed my life…

  • ngadi

    Favourite is N*E*R*D’s Provider. It’s me when I was 15, discovering music, it was the one song that grew on me and made me like them more

  • Krysisha D. Conly

    My favorite song that Pharrell was involved in is Frontin ft. Jay-Z! Pharrell is such a genius! He’s so creative and open minded! Frontin is such a mysterious & magical sounding song! Reminds me of Hypnotize You which is my #2! Frontin has it’s mellow R&B, but it also comes with it’s Hip Hop side! It’s a great song to listen to listen to during a night drive, doing homework, and taking a jog! I love it! The video was creative too! I love the bed scenes where in the background he had the TV playing a shot of the sky where there was nothing but clouds. Very sexy! This is and will always be my number one (no pun intended)! It’s a classic out of many!

  • Estéban Duran

    I’d probably have to say “Grindin'” is my favourite song produced by Pharrell (And of course the rest of The Neptunes too). The beat is so simple but so hard hitting. The wordplay in the verses as Pusha-T and No Malice trade bars over it is nothing short of legendary. And the way those slightly off beat synth beeps play out in the chorus? Amazing.

  • Kevin

    Grindin by Clipse. Because that beat is one of the rawest Pharrell beats ever, and who doesn’t love being nostalgic about growing up on Clipse and early Pharrell

  • Drewthebasedgod

    Frontin, that song was a banger then and still is now. That so can be played whenever and it’ll just shut shit down.

  • Joshua Scicluna

    Rock Star for sure… I used to bang it when I played SX Superstar on XBOX, this song got me pumped! Loved Pharrell and N.E.R.D ever since.

  • Sam Koshiol

    Favorite Pharrell….hmm.. Well, his body of work is great but CRS’s promise and “Us Placers” with him, ‘Ye and Lupe all together blew my little backpacking mind. Still a classic.

  • Constant Gardner

    good choice. what’s your email address?

  • Jon
  • Jon
  • Jon
  • Spike

    Did any winners ever get announced?

  • Jue

    I discovered these motherf when I was 9 and I fell in love immediatly. I’m French and they were not known at all here, they taught me love, sex, peace, faith … I got a tattoo No one Ever Really Dies on my chest so they can be anywhere with me. I think I’m nuts. But choose one … I’d say Stay Together. Yeah definitly.

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