Cruel Summer: The Horrible Summer Jobs of Your Favorite Rappers


By Charles Holmes

The last few weeks of the school year can be unbearable. The days get longer, the assignments tedious, and finals loom like a depressing fog. For all the anxiety that comes with waiting for classes to end, there is one thing we seldom admit. Summer can suck.

If you’re like most kids in America, the time between school and summer is an exchange of one hell for another. Instead of dull teachers, you get oblivious managers that suspiciously always schedule you on that dreaded Saturday night shift. Thought your GPA was pathetic? Try looking at your first check of the season. So if you’re excited for summer, but dreading the awful job that comes with it, you'll be able to related to this. Everyone has to start somewhere, so in an effort to make you feel better, here are the horrible summer jobs of your favorite rappers.

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    I mean, but is any of them hiring right now, doe?

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