Daily Discovery: LIFE is an English Rock Band, and They Actually Rock



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Rock music is boring these days. There are so many bands that sound like they should rock, but overproduction softens all the edges into one big, clean, safe, sanitized stadium show. Then there are hundreds of indie bands who keep things raw as hell in their bedroom studios, except they can’t write memorable songs.

LIFE comes from the English town of Hull, and their new song “Take Off With You” finds the balance between a massive sound and the edge that you want from rock. It’s produced by ex-Kaiser Chief Nick Hodgson, and LIFE’s singer Mez explains what the song is all about:

You like the smell of her hair. She likes the pull on your dick shaft. You’re in love. You’re free.

“It’s is our twisted love song. It’s about the night, you’re young and broke, you’re in love. You like the smell of her hair. She likes the pull on your dick shaft. You’re in love. You’re free. She’s free. It’s beautiful. You’re in love. You pick up. You get loaded. You don’t run. You don’t run away from anything. You’re in love. You’re bugs.”

As far as their goal as a band, they aren’t overthinking it. “Mission statements are for prophets, clergymen, silver spooned politicians, and well-hung cannibals,” Mez explains. “All we want to do is plug in and play.”

On the current state of rock, Mez adds: “There is a stink hanging over the music scene and it smells like shart. Do you wanna drill a hole in a watermelon or make a human connection?”

More info on LIFE here.


  • david

    ripp offs

  • Confusion

    ripping off who?

  • Jetsfoo

    your guess is as good as mine Con. I can kinda hear the similarities between them and other british bands like Coasts, but it’s way too big of a reach to say that they’re ripping off from their contemporaries . OP is just salty

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