Death Grips Release “N*ggas on the Moon,” the Björk-Featuring First Half of an Upcoming Double LP


Following the free surprise release of last year’s Government Plates, Death Grips are back with yet another free release. This time, however, the eight-track long release is part of a double album due later this year. The release is titled Niggas on the Moon, and features none other than Björk on every track. The second half of the album, Jenny Death, is due later in the year, and the full release will be titled The Powers That B. 

First of all, it’s nice to have MC Ride back and featured so predominately, as his reduced presence on Government Plates was sorely felt by many fans. One of the other notable things about the release is that there’s a track called “Have a Sad Cum.” It might not be quite as good a title as the opener to Government Plates, but it’s definitely up there as one of the better Death Grips track names.

Download Niggas on the Moon below, and download it for free here.

UPDATE: Björk has commented on her involvement with Death Grips and being their “found object.”

  • This Sucks

    This is sooooooo horrible!!

  • Joe Price

    Dude why is your name This Sucks? Your parents were mean af.

  • crap crap crap

    i agree. this is garbage.

  • Rigo

    This album*.5 is pretty great. As a whole, it seems better than Gov’t Plates. GET NOIDED.

  • Earl Simmons

    G’ddamn, these dudes are always so intense, in the best way possible! I just wish they would hang out with someone like Rick Rubin and get some focus in their lives. The output would be straight up classic.

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