Video: DJ Khaled ft. Rick Ross, Meek Mill, French Montana, and Jay Z – “They Don’t Love You No More”


DJ Khaled’s new video for “They Don’t Love You No More” features everyone involved except Jay Z, but to make up for the lack of Jay, Khaled goes big in every other way. This includes rapping in front of a helicopter, Rick Ross pretending to hit golf balls off the top of a car, and lots of ATVs and motorbikes. It’s hard not to love that.

  • davekin

    wows maybe they really are the best :0

  • some guy

    wow great screencap u can rly see the pain in dj khaleds eyes

  •!/PancakeMcKennz pancakemckennz

    Was that Terio?

  • ….

    Why on Earth would Jay-Z not want to be a part of something such as this? HMMMMM

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