Download DJ Jazzy Jeff and MICK’s “Summertime Vol. 5″ Mixtape



I never know when summer officially starts each year, or how that gets decided. Is it the same date every year? Does it change? Who makes that call? Luckily, MICK and DJ Jazzy Jaff have been keeping a tradition alive by releasing a Summertime mix every year. Today marks the fifth year, and the guys drop off the new soundtrack for your barbecues, pool parties, rooftop hangouts, and late night debauchery.

Today we have Summertime Vol. 5. Summer has officially started.

This year’s installment features Jay Z, Missy Elliott, De La Soul, Common, Stevie Wonder, The Roots, Funkadelic, Cam’ron, Erykah Badu, and so much more. Listen and download below, and check out their official site (¬†for more.

Go behind the scenes with the duo for some DJ tips and summertime jams:

  • Dee Jay

    Is there an alternate DL link? That site sucks (or maybe it just hates my computer)

  • roubawse

    yeah i can’t figure out how to download this.

  • max

    click on the picture above the videos it will ask for your email. after you type your email it will begin to download on your computer

  • t0fu

    ok guys, yea the site is really fucked up and there isn’t a direct download link i could find in the code but here is how you DL the mixtape:
    1) on the homepage artwork, click on the “download it now” text sitting on a green star
    2) you should have a pop up player open, resize the window until you see an downward arrow icon in a circle. its going to be small so you gotta look and won’t show up until the window is a certain size.
    3) click the icon, enter your email and it will start the download instantly

    so yea, this site probably work perfect on the computer of whomever designed it, but works like shit for everyone else. i’ll try and host it later for people to dl until the site is fixed, but these instructions will have to do for now.

  • Dee Jay

    Yeah it took me a while but I finally figured it out. Apparently if you use a pop-up blocker (like Ad-Block Plus, which is what I use) it won’t load the player at the top of the page (which also has the DL link) completely, so you have to disable your pop-up blocker to see it. Thanks for the help though

  • Some Body

    That must have been my problem on Firefox. Even though I use AB on Chrome as well, I didn’t get the pop up until I used that browser(Chrome).

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