Faces in the Crowd: Portraits From Governors Ball 2014


Last year, heavy rain transformed the fields of Randall's Island in New York City to an enormous mud puddle that smelled like feces and skunked beer. It was still fun, but the conditions were pretty unfortunate unless you are one of those filthy hippies who likes to roll around in mud and bask in the glory of being a free spirit. For Governors Ball 2014, the weather was beautiful, the grass was green, and the faces in the crowd were much more cheerful.

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  • Elliot

    my grandmother made the flag! PS- i had a real pole but security took it away on sunday :( had to get innovative and made a pole from sticks on the grounds

  • Flightless Bird

    Oh that was an apple? It just looked like the ground had a zit to me. I was secretly hoping to see a man in a pigeon costume taking pictures and interviewing people, that’s how I always imagine these posts occurring. My dream will just have to wait.

  • Ricky Andres

    No thanks… I’ll keep Coachella.

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