From Signed Rapper to Struggle Rapper: Watch Schoolboy Q Try to Hustle Oxymoron in Times Square

If you ever been in Times Square, or in any bustling downtown street of some big city, you may have come across the smallest fish in the musical food chain: the struggle rapper. It’s a difficult hustle, peddling a CD—which is often really bad—to strangers who have never even heard it before and expecting them to plunk down 5-10 dollars. “Support a local musician,” they said, “It’s that fireee,” they said. That’s usually not the case.

Unless! The Bucket Hat Bandit himself, Schoolboy Q, goes to Times Square and grinds out a living selling his extremely successful album Oxymoron. In a new segment for RapFix, Schoolboy does just that, pestering tourists and locals alike into buying his chart-topping album for ten bones.

The whole premise of the video is hilarious, but the always entertaining rapper makes it a hundred times funnier with the things he says, watch the video above and see for yourself.

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