From Signed Rapper to Struggle Rapper: Watch Schoolboy Q Try to Hustle Oxymoron in Times Square


If you ever been in Times Square, or in any bustling downtown street of some big city, you may have come across the smallest fish in the musical food chain: the struggle rapper. It’s a difficult hustle, peddling a CD—which is often really bad—to strangers who have never even heard it before and expecting them to plunk down 5-10 dollars. “Support a local musician,” they said, “It’s that fireee,” they said. That’s usually not the case.

Unless! The Bucket Hat Bandit himself, Schoolboy Q, goes to Times Square and grinds out a living selling his extremely successful album Oxymoron. In a new segment for RapFix, Schoolboy does just that, pestering tourists and locals alike into buying his chart-topping album for ten bones.

The whole premise of the video is hilarious, but the always entertaining rapper makes it a hundred times funnier with the things he says, watch the video above and see for yourself.

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  • Celos Beats

    That was funny, but he should have let them know who he was at the end. lol

  • yuh dad

    He said dooga dooga dooga dooga dooga lmao

  • x97sfinest

    I mean he said “I’m Schoolboy Q, wanna buy my album?

  • Ayoolu Elizabeth Adeogun

    what’s the original video source? It’s not available in my location :(

  • Maison Margiela The 23rd

    That was amazing lol

  • Winter Soldier

    I hated it when these guys would approach me. They’d be all friendly in the beginning but then turn into real assholes and snatch the CD out of your hand if you told them you didn’t have any money for them. They even bothered me when I was in a costume heading to an event with a friend also in costume.

    When I was by myself the clownshoe’s entire posse surrounded me with their pressure tactics to try to sell a CD. At 2am on a NYC street, and I’m getting surrounded by these assholes?! I don’t think so.

    The bad thing is… I am NOT a small person. If they would come after me, imagine what they would do to some other woman who doesn’t have the size and strength to defend herself?

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