How To Dress Well: 10 Songs That Influenced “What Is This Heart?”


How To Dress Well's bold and stunning "What Is This Heart?" is one of the best albums of the year so far. On it, Tom Krell really pushes his voice to the forefront, weaving his tales of heartbreak, self-doubt, and love across gorgeous soundscapes which range from the spare keys of "2 Years On (Shame Dream)" through the heaving bass of "Face Again" to the garagey swing of "Very Best Friend."

It's a truly varied record, which made us wonder—what songs influenced it? From the man himself, Tom Krell, here are 10 songs that influenced "What Is This Heart?", with a few words on why each song is so special.


"What Is This Heart?" is out today, June 24. You can buy the physical, digital, or deluxe edition of the album through How To Dress Well's website here.

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